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Church without God - Sunday Assembly - anyone been?

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ImCaughtinmyShadow · 01/06/2019 19:23

Has anyone been to a Sunday Assembly. I found myself thinking how drawn i am to the idea of church. But I'm an atheist.

It turns out there is a local Sunday Assembly once a month.

Basically church without God. A secular gathering. Inspirational talks (maybe a bit like Ted talks I'm guessing) a bit of singing and tea and cake.

I tried playing a video clip and it really looked like the evangelical church of my childhood. Has me questioning. All looking a bit like there has been some drinking of kool-aid.

Any experience? I'm drawn to the feelgood factor.

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Jaxhog · 03/06/2019 13:03

I've been a few times. It was weirdly evangelical about loving each other and the planet. Not as nice atmosphere as church (and I'm also an atheist).

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 03/06/2019 15:35

Glad others have been able to see what I was getting at. Thinking I should give them a go. Bit unconvinced by their children's service so will have to see how my DC fare.

Sounds a bit odd Jaxhog.

Despite the religious aspect I really like what I've read about the Unitarian church but sadly I don't think it works for children.

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