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Help me pack for UK holiday

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MaverickSnoopy · 30/05/2019 16:37

Clothes wise what would you pack for a weeks UK self catering holiday? It's for me and DD's (7yo, 2yo, 7mo) - DH will pack for himself. Days will be casual and will include the beach come rain or shine and some nice nights out too.

I ALWAYS over pack and don't use half the stuff. There's a laundry room on site but we'll only want to wash midweek really.

We don't have the space to overpack this year! Really need to rein it in.

Can I have your packing lists!

OP posts:
Celeriacacaca · 30/05/2019 19:27

Layers are key.

Several fleeces, as opposed to heavy cotton sweatshirts, as they're quicker to dry. A good raincoat.

madeyemoodysmum · 30/05/2019 19:35

Layers and a good mix of shorts and jeans with versatility in tops.

I try to judge weather the day before we leave and chuck in a few extra cold or hot bits nearer the time.

Comfy shoes and a trainer and sandal

I wouldn’t bother with dresses unless you always wear them or it’s going to be a definite heatwave.

Cuppa12345 · 30/05/2019 19:39

Is there a washing machine? And when is it, can you see the weather? If in the next few weeks.

4 knickers
2 bras
2 swimsuits /bikini
2 tshirts
2 vests
1 shorts
1 black jeans
2 dresses - 1 casual, 1 smart
1 naice top with jeans
Pair of shoes to go with dress and jeans /smart top
1 beach sandals
1 comfortable walking trainers
2 warm jumpers
Denim jacket to go with jeans and dresses
Smart bag
Big Beach bag

1 jacket
3 short sleeves
3 long sleeves
2 shorts
2 long trousers/leggings
1 nice summer dress
2 pjs
2 jumpers
Sunhat each
Warm hat
4 pairs of socks
Swim suit each


Tent for the beach
Beach towels
Bat and ball for the beach
Wind break

That was quite fun!

MaverickSnoopy · 30/05/2019 19:41

I'm a dress only kind of woman and so tend to end up taking enough dresses for every day and then a pair of trousers or two with a few tops in case I change my mind. I think this is where I go wrong. I end up packing two outfits per day plus some extra choices. I seem to panic that we'll run out of clothes....although there is always loads unworn I can never work out what isn't needed in advance. So this is really helpful.

OP posts:
Cuppa12345 · 30/05/2019 19:45

Whatever you are wearing down the beach one day, will do another day down there I'd say. Based on that, you can do a wash after 3 days and not need that many clothes. Maybe add another dress and cut out the vest tops if you won't wear them too much. My list was on the premise you'd wear shorts and tshirts to the beach for 2 days each, and then have the dresses for the evening. Then wash and wear jeans and naice top that night and dry the clothes to wear the rest of the week. 👍

applesarerroundandshiny · 30/05/2019 20:02

Check the weather a couple of days before you go in case it's either a definite heat wave or cold/rain forecast - but assuming it's a mixture of sun/showers/ variable temperature:

I always take one each of jeans / joggers / lighter harem or linen trousers/ shorts. (At least one but you say you are trying to pack light)

A few T shirts with at least one vest top and one long sleeve T shirt. A couple of hoodies, a longish cardigan and a denim or biker jacket. Waterproof jacket.

A couple of pairs trainers, some flat sandals.

I use a small ruck-sack for day times and a cross body bag for evenings.

Make sure everything co-ordinates colour wise.

Likethebattle · 30/05/2019 21:59

Are you taking a car? We always store waterproof coats, wellies etc in the boot in case they are needed. We are in Scotland so very easy to have 4 seasons in one day.

wobblywindows · 30/05/2019 22:07

When you say "dress only", does that include skirts? One skirt would do me 2 days (3 at a pinch) but I'd want a fresh top every day. One outfit for a "cold day", and some lavender essence in case of sunburn.

MaverickSnoopy · 31/05/2019 05:21

I tend to only wear dresses but do wear a couple of pairs of summer trousers if the weather is nice, no skirts though. I'm pretty good at checking the weather but panic and pack everything when I see the week will be half heatwave and half rain. We're not going for a few weeks though so I'll check the weather closer to the time.

Yes we are taking a car and a roof box. Last year though the roof box was nearly full and this year we have a baby too and a double buggy! Last year we forgot the single buggy altogether!

What about children? I start of well and then remember that they get VERY messy so suddenly find I've packed almost all of their clothes.

OP posts:
Cuppa12345 · 31/05/2019 06:23

You only need to pack for 3 days if there's a washing machine. Just keep that in mind. Use this holiday as an experiment. If you massively need clothes you can buy some but I guarantee you won't. And much easier to pack lightly, not loads of washing when you get back and easier to pack at the end of the holiday. Travelling light is an art form but a very rewarding one.

Cuppa12345 · 31/05/2019 06:24

Also, if it rains in a heat wave its not cold. You just need a thin waterproof and shorts.

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