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where to buy sleepsuits and socks for tall, giant footed baby?!

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AwkwardAsAllGetout · 30/05/2019 16:13

Dd is just 7 weeks old but a giant thanks to her lanky father, on the 98th centile for length already. She’s pretty much outgrown all her 0-3 months sleepsuits (all the newborn stuff went back as there was no way she was getting near it!) bit I’ve just cracked our the 3-6 and her feet are still filling the foot section and look uncomfortably squished. None of the socks we’ve tried will stay on so buying footless sleepsuits doesn’t seem to be an option either. Any recommendations of where to buy clothes for long babies and socks that actually stay on? I prefer sleepsuits to outfits while they’re so little as it’s much less faff.

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FurryGiraffe · 30/05/2019 16:20

You need Sockons- elasticated things that keep socks on babies. Then footless sleepsuits.

AwkwardAsAllGetout · 30/05/2019 16:34

Sockons look just the thing I need, thank you Smile Are they not uncomfortable though? They must be pretty snug

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SnuffleBadger · 30/05/2019 16:44

Another vote for sock ons, they are a brilliant invention!

SheDancesOnTheSand · 30/05/2019 16:45

My son is super long (7 months and in 18-24 months) highly recommend Sainsbury's! They seem to come up the biggest. I'd avoid Next as they come up quite small.

AwkwardAsAllGetout · 30/05/2019 17:19

Ah, that might explain it, they’re Next sleepsuits! I’m sure we have some Sainsbury’s ones somewhere, dh can’t resist when he does the shopping. Thanks x

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