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11 week old keeps grabbing at ear and crying

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CatMit86 · 30/05/2019 15:23

My 11 week old keeps putting his hand up by his left ear and crying out in pain. I've been to the doctor and they can't see anything wrong, no infection, no temperature, he's not out of sorts otherwise. I'm not sure if the pain is inside his ear, or behind his ear. Has anyone experienced anything like this with such a young baby? It's not teething, and unlikely to be an infection....any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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thinkingcapon · 30/05/2019 15:25

How do you know it's not teething?

CatMit86 · 30/05/2019 15:53

I'm a FTM so not on expert on anything...but would think 11 weeks is too young for teething. I could be wrong...

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NatashaRomanov · 30/05/2019 15:58

Teething can begin at 2 months, and grabbing at ears and crying Is ione of the signs.
Have you had a feel around his gums?
Does a dose of calpol settle him?

NatashaRomanov · 30/05/2019 16:00

Another thought, check his nails.
He could be just discovering his ears with his hands, but catching his ear with a sharp nail.

OneBiscuitAtATime · 30/05/2019 16:00

My DS was teething by that age, and ear tugging was the main symptom.

redredbrine · 30/05/2019 16:09

Teething can start weeks and weeks before the first tooth. Some babies are born with teeth. Could be earache. Could be that baby is tired and grouchy and pulling at ears is a symptom. Nothing wrong with trying a bit of calpol.

Congrats on your baby Thanks

CatMit86 · 30/05/2019 17:14

Thanks everyone, didn't realise it could be teething. Perhaps that's it! I tried Calpol last night when it was at its worst and yes that did help.

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