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Holiday childcare. How do you do it?

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ScrambledToe · 30/05/2019 15:21

I have either been a teacher or freelance so never had to work school holidays. With a dh who works offshore 3on 3off, this has been really handy as it can often fall that he is not here at all for school holidays.

A new job has come up, related to my freelance work that I am keen to apply for, but it is a normal job with normal holiday entitlement. 24 weeks a year. I don’t even know what’s normal!

Just trying to find out how other people do it!! Who looks after your kids in the summer?

OP posts:
legolimb · 30/05/2019 15:24

I booked extra time in nursery. Also his previous childminder.
Asked grandparents for odd days.
I took two weeks off work.
DS father took a bit of time off.

Lots and lots of planning involved to fill the six week holidays.

Mumof1andacat · 30/05/2019 15:26

Holiday club for school age and sometimes childminders will take children for holiday care.

CMOTDibbler · 30/05/2019 15:27

A mixture of things - we take time off (together and separately), DS goes to holiday club (locally there is multisport, tennis, cricket, drama, watersports), often a week at PGL when I'm travelling so DH doesn't have childcare juggling.

definitelyshouldknowbetter · 30/05/2019 16:44

Me and DH do alternate weeks holiday throughout summer and just overlap for one week so we’ve got some time as a family.

I’m lucky that I can work weekends if I need to so that means I have more days off during the week, not ideal but it means we don’t have to find someone to have them.

Arrange days in advance with friends to have each other’s children.

Call on any family willingGrin

Basically it’s planned like a military operation and all on the calander who is where on what days!

ScrambledToe · 31/05/2019 08:52

Are family a big part of it? We live no where near family so they couldn’t help at all.

They’re both school age so will have to look in to clubs and stuff. Thanks

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 31/05/2019 10:25

We have zero family help, so every minute is either down to us or paid. Some people drop kids off with family who live further away for a week or more in holidays (our neighbours have their GCs a huge amount) - would that be an option for you if they are willing?

Messybetty · 01/06/2019 12:21

Holiday Clubs for about half of it, rest is our holiday entitlement together/separately, some swopping with friends and (if we can afford it!) taking unpaid parental leave. I also work from home occasionally too and do flexible hours to fit in with stuff - realise that I'm lucky I can do that though. It does work it just does take a bit of planning!

AlunWynsKnee · 01/06/2019 12:26

We manage on compressed hours, leave and paid for care as we don't have any family help. Does mean we don't get much time off together.

PotteringAlong · 01/06/2019 12:31

If your DH lives offshore I’d stick to the freelancing or the teaching if I’m honest...

AbbyHammond · 01/06/2019 12:33

Holiday club, tennis club, drama camp etc
Summer au pair

hettie · 01/06/2019 13:49

No family help....swaps with other parents, holiday clubs, annual leave, chidminder and Flexi hours...

KipperTheFrog · 01/06/2019 13:52

Holiday club, annual leave and parents.

Grumpiestcat · 01/06/2019 13:55

Plan ahead. Get a printed out calendar. I Book a hol, their dad books a hol for them, playschemes, and them getting underfoot for at least a couple of weeks! I work from home so can manage and they're 11 and 9 so easily managed/ can go swimming together etc.

hopeishere · 01/06/2019 13:58

Do up a spreadsheet
Research what's available
Pay through the nose - also forking out for extended hours as they frequently end at 3pm (ffs)
Take leave
And this year... take unpaid leave.

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