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How/when will Corbyn go?

15 replies

GottaGetUp · 30/05/2019 12:06

As far as I can see two things are true:

  1. Corbyn will never win a general election

2. While Momentum have control of the membership he will win any leadership challenge

He hasn’t resigned when faced with losing both a general election and a vote of no confidence from his own MPs. Is there anything that would make him step down?
OP posts:
marvellousnightforamooncup · 30/05/2019 12:59

I think it will take a huge general election defeat to shift him.

GrumpyCatLives · 30/05/2019 13:00

He's worse than Maybot

ShitAtScarbble · 30/05/2019 13:01

I think it will take a huge general election defeat to shift him

Which ain't going to happen because Labour are so perfectly placed in this perfect storm that we are in! Any General Election now would see Labour win for sure - even with Corbyn in charge. That's how bad things have got!

ineedaknittedhat · 30/05/2019 13:06

You can't get rid of him. He's one of those dreadful 'leaders' who refuse to put the greater good first and have the wisdom, integrity and courage to do the right thing and step down.

In some philosophies, there is a belief that those who have a desire to lead are the least suitable for leadership and should not be selected for such a role.

GottaGetUp · 30/05/2019 13:25

Any General Election now would see Labour win for sure - even with Corbyn in charge.

Do you think so? Based on what?

OP posts:
Hollowvictory · 30/05/2019 13:26

Hate corbyn.
Would like sadiq Khan as Labour leader

Hollowvictory · 30/05/2019 13:27

Corbyn won't win a general election. I would not vote for him and I would normally be Labour but am with Alistair Campbell on this.

birdsdestiny · 30/05/2019 13:29

I think it really unlikely that Labour would win a GE. They didn't win the last one when the Tories ran the worst election campaign I have ever witnessed. The Tories won't do that again. If lib dem greens and change forge a remainer alliance, which they might, I think they might win.

Kez200 · 30/05/2019 13:52

The decent Labour MPs need to realise that Change and Farage have a point - their party has changed beyond recognition. Leave it there and move on. Then Corbyn can stay exactly where he is.

The movers need to join Lib Dems or some sort of Change UK party that, along with Lib Dems and Greens can form a party alliance that will allow them to add votes together and form a Government. I don;t know if you can have a 3 party alliance or if you have to have one party with little groups, like Tories and ERG. Whatever they need to establish themselves asap so they are ready to take on a general election and everyone knows who they are and what they are going to do. Then voters know how their vote might count.

Then I thing a GE will be between the "remain alliance" and the "Brexit Party", Corbyn will be nowhere to be seen.

noblegiraffe · 30/05/2019 14:02

People usually vote differently in a GE to the EU elections - it’s proportional for a start so more point in voting e.g. Green. People also see MEPs has having no influence on what will actually happen to the country.

Farage has been elected as an MEP loads, but never managed to get elected as an MP.

TM made the mistake of trying to make the last election a Brexit election - it all fell apart when people started going on about the NHS and school funding cuts, and she wanted to bring back fox hunting.

Unfortunately people voted Labour because they didn’t want fox hunting and did want more money for schools, then were told that their vote based on other issues was a positive vote for Brexit because it was in the manifesto. They might not do that again.

Cookit · 30/05/2019 14:05

I honestly don’t know and it worries me and angers me in equal measure. For best government we need a strong opposition and realistically now we need a change in government ideally with a centrist candidate.

Cookit · 30/05/2019 14:07

Farage has been elected as an MEP loads, but never managed to get elected as an MP.
Yes and UKIP won the last Euro elections and now UKIP v2.0 won this one, albeit with some gains. He did very well of course but I honestly don’t see it as the political earthquake they seem to want us to see it as.

ImTheCaddy · 30/05/2019 14:13

I'm a life long labour supporter and I would NOT vote labour in any GE while Corbyn is leader.

It hurts me to say it. I love my local MP (they'll oust him before the next GE anyway as he's been rather vocal anti Corbyn) but I can't support that man and what he and the misguided momentum lot stand for.

GottaGetUp · 30/05/2019 15:01

I think it will take a huge general election defeat to shift him.

This probably true. The problem is I can’t see that happening either.

If you combine the people who will vote for Labour regardless plus the people who will vote for their current decent Labour MP.

I think the key issue is the balance in those two groups. Which/how many of the good Labour MPs could take their seat with them if they left? And what would convince them that Labour is lost and it was time to jump?

OP posts:
noblegiraffe · 30/05/2019 15:16

Labour may have shot itself in the foot in its expulsion of Alastair Campbell which basically said ‘people who voted Lib Dem/Green in the EU elections aren’t welcome here’. Given that these votes outnumbered Labour votes significantly, it’s not a loss they can afford to make.

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