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WhatsApp problem

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MrsGaryLightbody · 30/05/2019 11:37

I'm thinking of getting WhatsApp but can I ask some daft questions please?

On installation does it automatically link to your contacts or do you choose which ones you want ?

Also can you block some numbers without them knowing you've blocked them ?

Lastly Smile can anyone that's got your number tell you have WhatsApp?

OP posts:
GlassSuppers · 30/05/2019 11:45

Yes it automatically links your contacts, yes you can block people without them knowing and yes everyone else who has your number & has WhatsApp will know you have it too unless blocked.


MrsGaryLightbody · 30/05/2019 11:49

Thanks @GlassSuppers
Another question.. is there a timeframe say if you get app and then block that that person may get a notification that you have WhatsApp?

OP posts:
GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 30/05/2019 11:51

They don’t get a notification that you have WhatsApp, just if they look for you they’ll find you.

GlassSuppers · 30/05/2019 11:53

You don't get a notification when someone joins WhatsApp you'll just appear on the contacts so as long as you block ASAP I doubt they'd notice. You usually open it up and just see open chats who you've been chatting with.
You'd have to go and look at your contacts to notice someone's joined which to be honest unless you're starting a chat with someone new you don't do often.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 30/05/2019 11:54

I have to admit, I don’t get the secrecy, it’s just like text message. Most people have it, but wouldn’t think much of it if you don’t. A bit like your reaction to someone having/not having voicemail.

MrsGaryLightbody · 30/05/2019 11:56

Thanks everyone.

A lot clearer now .

Not a secret thing but have recently separated and don't want H to bombard me with messages Wink

OP posts:
StealthNinjaMum · 30/05/2019 12:01

If you're thinking of dating don't! It causes so much anxiety. I am dating a lovely man and we are old fashioned texting every day. No anxieties about who he was whatsapping at 2 in the morning! The other guy I'm dating is always on it so I am having a whatsapp break because it can be unhealthy (and I speak as a relatively happy person with good self esteem)

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 30/05/2019 12:08

Haha the irony of worrying about who your date is WhatsApping when you have multiple dates yourself Grin

MrsGaryLightbody · 30/05/2019 12:11

Omg Confused definitely not going to date ever again!

OP posts:
coconuttelegraph · 30/05/2019 12:18

I have to admit, I don’t get the secrecy, it’s just like text message

That's interesting because to me whatsapp is nothing like a text, no one knows when/if you've receievd a text, when/if you're read it, when you are online, no one can add you to text groups, it's a totally different way to communicate imo

CatSmize · 30/05/2019 12:30

In the options you can set that people can't see if you're online or not, and in turn, you can't see when people were last online.

That might cause you less anxiety, @StealthNinjaMum

CatSmize · 30/05/2019 12:31

Just to add to that, if you set that people can't see when you were last online, they also can't see if you've read messages or not, just if they have been delivered.

ChicCroissant · 30/05/2019 12:32

Has anyone had the update that stops other users being able to add you to groups yet?

StealthNinjaMum · 30/05/2019 12:37

Thanks I know it is completely ironic (and embarrassing) that i was worried about him seeing other people so I started dating someone else!

My behaviour / thought processes have been terrible. But I have turned a corner and stopped obsessing.

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