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Long haul flight with toddler

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raeray · 29/05/2019 18:50

Anyone got any tips for long haul flights with toddlers?
My friend is flying over with her 19 month old next month from Australia on their own so I said I'd ask on here if anyone has done similar and if you had any handy hints.
Thanks so much

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raeray · 30/05/2019 09:11

A little hopeful bump Thanks

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FudgeBrownie2019 · 30/05/2019 09:20

We've done long haul since the DC were small and I always have comfortable pyjamas for them to fly in, a blanket and extra socks (my DC always have cold feet on flights). Lots of easy-access no-mess things like Aquadoodles, a couple of story books, an iPad if possible pre-loaded with Peppa Pig or Disney films, something to suck or bite on for takeoff and landings (carrot sticks and apple slices work well, but don't tend to travel well) and baby headphones if they'll wear them for the iPad.

Take more nappies than you'll need in case of delays, ditto wipes. Spare onesies in case of accidents, and make friends with the stewards and the person in the next seat so that when she needs to use the bathroom there's someone to hold the baby for her.

raeray · 30/05/2019 09:45

Amazing thank you!
I've just text my friend telling her those.
Little one loves apple at the moment so I'm sure that'd work really well for them.

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JoJoSM2 · 30/05/2019 16:35

Place marking. Does anyone know if you can get a little cot? I've heard babies on long haul flights get them. What about an 18-20mth old?

raeray · 30/05/2019 21:12

Jojo I think they're up to a certain weight maybe 10/12kg or something like that. Shame really because they sound handy!

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Sexnotgender · 30/05/2019 21:16

I’m not sure about cots but on a long haul flight last year a parent near me whipped out some inflatable contraption to make their seat into a little bed for their child.

raeray · 31/05/2019 12:14

I was looking at those what a clever idea!

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raeray · 31/05/2019 12:15

Does anyone know of any good toddler apps for iPad too please?

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JoJoSM2 · 31/05/2019 22:48

An inflatable contraption sounds brill! I'll need to research those. We've got a future rugby player here and at 11 months he's way over 10-12kg already :( and I'm trying to figure out if we could go to Japan in a few months.

LittleMy77 · 01/06/2019 01:40

The cots are for smaller babies - and they have a downside as every time there's turbulence you have to take them out and strap them in with you.

My recommendations are take all the snacks, pack spare clean clothes for the toddler and you, more wipes and nappies than you think you'll need, squishy travel pillow so the seat sides can be made comfy, zip lock bags (handy to find stuff in, plus put dirty stuff in and seal it up)

Take a big rucksack as hand luggage so you have both hands free, and if you take a pushchair, get a buggy bag for it, so it keeps it together and relatively clean in the hold. She can also take the push chair and gate check it before she gets on - key if you want to maneuver a noncompliant toddler round the airport!

Order a kids meal and get something like a veggie / special meal for the adult - this means you get fed first (plus the kids meal usually has snacks / chocolate in it which my DS doesn't usually eat so I get it Grin)

Take a ziplock for carry on with medication for toddler and her - I always carry kids calpol and antihistamine, and for me some painkillers

Be warned about altitude - ime everything I have opened (water bottles, milk, drinks, nappy lotion etc) has spurted out at speed due to the altitude - bit embarrassing if you hit the guy 4 seats down...

When she gets on, ask the stewards which toilet has the baby change in it - its usually one that's marginally bigger than the rest, worth scoping out first tho, before she needs it!

Bulkhead seats are often offered to families / people with kids but I refuse them as they don't have seat pockets / seats to stash stuff under and I can't be arsed getting up and down into the overhead locker all the time

We have a kids amazon fire and noise cancelling headphones for DS - better than the airplane in flight entertainment system as he got really freaked out by hearing the pilot announcements all the time, plus they were loud.

PotolBabu · 01/06/2019 01:53

Lots of little ziplock bags with things. I try to fly at night with mine. And I have been doing this for 7 years now.
I pack:

  • small tubs of playdoh
  • sticker books
  • Melissa and Doug shape bag
  • Magnatiles
  • Dot to Dot markers and crayons with a colouring pad
  • Water colouring stuff
  • Aquadoodle
  • Books to read
  • Wipe clean writing things
  • a small set of vehicles

And lots and lots of snacks.
Fantail · 01/06/2019 06:52

Book a seat for the child. It does make it more expensive but also way more comfortable.

MunsteadWood · 01/06/2019 07:41

We're flying 9hrs with our 20 month old this evening (help!) so I will report back!

We're taking water colouring book, iPad preloaded with toddler games and Hey Duggee, Bing etc, lots of snacks, sticker books (have got an airport one I've been hiding away so hopefully that'll go down well), a few books. Inspired by this thread I might also take a little play dough pot if I can fit one in my bag.

We flew a similar distance with him a year ago and although it was a very different prospect back then (he was 7 months and pretty much immobile!) we found the overnight flight we took one way MUCH easier than the daytime flight. So have booked overnight there and back this time.

That said my tactic for getting him to sleep was to postpone stopping breastfeeding until after our holiday, but he had other ideas and stopped himself a couple of months ago. So we're planning to take pjs, toothbrush, sleeping bag etc which we're hoping will convince him it's time to sleep... wish us luck!

raeray · 02/06/2019 20:48

Love all these ideas thank you!
My amazon list is getting longer and longer for them Grin

Has anyone used the bag rider type devices?
My friend is concerned about how she'll manage a tired toddler along with bags etc.
I spotted the bag rider device but it's got very mixed reviews.

Also any ideas/tips for anything else welcome - can never have too many ideas!
Thank you

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PotolBabu · 02/06/2019 20:54

I used a Beco Gemini sling with my toddler. He can sleep when he’s exhausted but it also prevents total havoc when he’s tired.

Longdistance · 02/06/2019 21:02

I flew back from Oz on my own with 2 2and1/2 and dd1 13mo. I used a baby carrier on my back and a wheelie case for the flight. I had those crappy magazines, iPad, DVD player with Peppa on repeat. Colouring books, snacks. My flights were through the night, so easy to navigate wrt sleeping.

AnneEyhtMeyer · 02/06/2019 21:08

When DD was a toddler and just potty trained I put a puppy training pad on the plane seat just in case. Half an hour into a 9 hour flight she vomited violently all over herself and the seat. Fortunately the puppy pad saved the seat and meant we didn't have to sit in the sick for the rest of the flight. After then we used them every time we flew until she was old enough to think about using a sick bag in time.

raeray · 03/06/2019 12:14

I've download lots of episodes of Peppa!!
The cover for the seat is great idea thank you.

Snack ideas that travel/last well?

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