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Im stuck on a query

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StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 18:16

It needs to behave itself and do what I want

OP posts:
UrsulaPandress · 29/05/2019 18:17

::head tilt::

You ok hun?

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 18:22

I'm fine. My query is a bitch.

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Passthecake30 · 29/05/2019 18:26


HollowTalk · 29/05/2019 18:29

Oooh I love Access! Come on, tell us what you need to do.

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 18:34

Sorry was bickering about addressing cards
It's a sql query

OP posts:
Kleptronic · 29/05/2019 18:37

Ah yes. Sql is a bitch. Commiserations.

spaghettispool · 29/05/2019 18:38

Ooh I HATE Access 🙈 Go on, tell us! We might be able to help.

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 18:42

How dare you klep. I love sql. Just not this bit!

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 18:43

I can't tell you as it might be outing :)
Seriously, I'd have to explain the underlying structure, and what I'm trying to do which would take days and make no logical sense. Which I suppose is why I can't do it aargh

OP posts:
goldierocks · 29/05/2019 19:18

My query was misbehaving today. Turns out I needed a right outer join and not a left inner join. Obviously

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 19:22

I hope you then did the hokey cokey and turned around. Because that is what it's all about.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 19:22

I need to start drinking heavily

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 19:36

I'm giving up :(

OP posts:
titchy · 29/05/2019 19:38

You need to add 'distinct' Wink

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 19:38

That's cheating!

OP posts:
titchy · 29/05/2019 19:43

Break it down into two then 'union' them?

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse · 29/05/2019 19:48

Write it all out on a piece of paper. Ideally with boxes and arrows.

It always works for me.

carnaval · 29/05/2019 20:00

Hive SQL is just beautiful Smile

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 20:00

I have hacked it. I feel dirty.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 20:07

Damn I've made it worse

OP posts:
PrincessMonacoOfKent · 29/05/2019 20:34

I tend to find a good night's sleep helps - the solution normally comes to me in the shower the next morning!

Either that or I email a friend who's much better at this sort of thing than I am and he has it solved in 5 minutes!

StealthPolarBear · 29/05/2019 20:46

I have shower inspiration too :)

OP posts:
Kleptronic · 29/05/2019 23:17

It's only a bitch because I'm bad at it, I never did get set theory. I do have a senior analyst who is stupendous at sql and all things data so pm me if you'd like a different set of eyes. We are extremely discreet also :)

StealthPolarBear · 30/05/2019 06:46

Thank you but I think what I've hacked will do. I'm trying to create a hierarchy in sql where one doesn't exist, but without sub queries as the thing is already slow enough.

OP posts:
LittleLongDog · 31/05/2019 21:36

Opening this thread is like accidentally landing in a new country where you don’t speak the language.

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