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Really stupid question about holiday swimming costumes.

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ChesterGreySideboard · 13/02/2019 22:39

I’m off on my first ever beach / pool type holiday.
I’m not really planning on spending much time swimming in fairness but I’ve just thought of something I simply don’t know.

What do you do with your wet swimming costume. You can’t really wash it so what do you do?

OP posts:
unicornsarereal1 · 13/02/2019 22:40

Rinse it through with warm water at the end of the day in the shower and hang it out to dry

RubertRoo · 13/02/2019 22:40

I tend to wash it in shower with me then hang on the balcony outside to dry overnight

Peridot1 · 13/02/2019 22:41

I rinse well and then wash - I take a tube of travel wash stuff. Hang up to dry on balcony or in bathroom.

DameSquashalot · 13/02/2019 22:42

As above

ChesterGreySideboard · 13/02/2019 22:44

I didn’t think of taking travel wash stuff. I know this sounds pathetic but I’ve never been on a beach holiday before.

OP posts:
FromDespairToHere · 13/02/2019 22:46

I just rinse out and hang on the balcony. If it's not enough for swimming then it's hot enough to dry your swimmers.

Trumpton · 13/02/2019 22:49

I also wash my underwear in the shower every day . Roll up in a towel to remove excess water and they dry very quickly .
I take a few pegs and some string for a temporary drying line between to chairs on the balcony .

Fluffyears · 13/02/2019 23:44

Take s pish shampoo bar, this is smaller and
Lighter than a bottle and doubles as clothes wash. Always rinse your swimsuit or the chlorine fades it. I airways tajebdolid shapoo and bars of soap, smaller, lighter and don’t leak.

Fluffyears · 13/02/2019 23:47

*lush shampoo bar as a pish one wouldn’t be any good Blush

SimplyPut · 13/02/2019 23:55


Peridot1 · 13/02/2019 23:56

Take a few swimsuits. At least two. I tend to wear one in the morning and then nip up to the room to change into a dry one before lunch. If I’ve been in the pool. Rinse out the one I’ve worn and hang up.

halfwitpicker · 13/02/2019 23:57

Hang it on the balcony to dry. Put it back in in the morning / next swim.

halfwitpicker · 13/02/2019 23:57

Back on in the morning

Cantbelieveit101 · 14/02/2019 00:09

Depends if you are swimming in a chlorine pool or the ocean.
Chlorine needs to be washed out more thoroughly than sea water.

Auslander · 14/02/2019 00:16

As others said above, just rinse it through then hang it on balcony to dry. A lot of hotel balconies have small hanging racks to dry stuff on.
I usually take two swimsuits so if I've been in the pool or sea in the morning, I can change into a dry one prior to lunch if I'm intending wearing one after lunch.

Time40 · 14/02/2019 00:29

Definitely take at least two. And when you are ready to come home, if it's going to be a long flight, don't pack your swimwear in your suitcase if it's still damp, because if you leave it folded up damp for hours and hours, it will probably damage it. Let the air get to it until it's dry.

StarlightLady · 14/02/2019 01:36

Rinse through with a squirt from a cheap bottle of washing up liquid bought locally.

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