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Beauty box subscriptions..

29 replies

TheyGotMyName · 06/02/2019 15:09

Have been looking into beauty box monthly subscriptions, wondering if any MN's have previously or are currently subscribed to any.. if so which one? What pros are the pros and cons,

OP posts:

Nanasueathome · 06/02/2019 20:50

Just had a Mumsnet email
GLOSSYMUMS30 gives 30% off Glossybox


TinyBarista · 06/02/2019 20:53

Anyone ever had a Roccabox? I'm getting Birchbox at the moment but it's getting a bit.. meh. Need to cancel and find something new.


ABigBraclet · 06/02/2019 22:46

Moi Meme box has caught my eye. Has anyone tried them (it)?..


ABigBraclet · 06/02/2019 22:47

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