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Fruit and veg are costing us a fortune!

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hidinginthenightgarden · 01/11/2018 20:30

We have recently had a huge shake up with our diet and are eating alot more fruit and veg. This is having a huge impact on our food bill and I cannot seem to get a hold on it. I use frozen raspberries, pre-prepared med veg, peppers, onions and green beans plus a few other mix veg bits. Even so, we have, just this week (since sunday) consumed 10 apples, 8 bananas, 2 punnets of strawberries, 1 bag of grapes, 1 pineapple, a bag of easy peelers and most of the frozen raspberries. Veg wise we have had 3 lots of tenderstem broccoli, butternut squash, sweet potato x 2, corn on the cob, green beans, carrots and sugar snap peas. I bought more bananas and pineapple today and am holding out after that until sunday when we will have another shopping load delivered. I cannot see how else to bring the cost down though. The delivered shopping cost £60 and I have spent at least another £25 since then.
The markets here are crap for fruit and veg. Lidl fruit went was growing mould in 2 days. Any other things I can try or just accept that to eat well it costs alot more than eating processed shit and then wonder why we have an obesity crisis?

OP posts:
hidinginthenightgarden · 01/11/2018 20:36

Should have said we have 2 DC ages 6 & 2 helping eat some of the apples, bananas, pineapple and occasionally grapes. Veg is pretty much just us as the kids eat at childcare during the week.

OP posts:
DayKay · 01/11/2018 20:36

I guess you could cut down on your fruit so you’re all eating only 1-2 pieces a day then just use veg that’s on offer or just not too expensive.
I know it’s not that exciting and it does help to switch to raspberries and pineapples as they seem like a ‘treat’ food, but it’s not necessary, if you know what I mean.
Well done though. And you can see it’s an investment into your health if that helps.

Birdsgottafly · 01/11/2018 20:38

Obesity is linked to poverty and this is why.

The only thing you could do is look at your overall meals and budget as a whole.

When I was skint, I used cheaper veg, tinned pineapple and cheaper fruit, as well as things like chickpeas.

Ragwort · 01/11/2018 20:41

Surely cabbage, swede & ordinary broccoli is a lot cheaper than the varieties of veg you are choosing? Frozen veg can be cheaper too & just as good for you.

gamerchick · 01/11/2018 20:41

Stop with the pre prepared stuff. It costs more and doesn't really take long to sort yourself.

Also visit a fruit and veg shop rather than order from a supermarket. If you take the time to have a look it does save you money.

soulrider · 01/11/2018 20:42

More veg, less fruit. Cheaper and healthier.

Fatted · 01/11/2018 20:44

Buy frozen veg if you're going to cook it. I only buy fresh salad type vegetables.

If you buy from the supermarket, always buy loose fruit and veg. The stuff in the packs/bags is always more expensive.

Buy the cheaper types of apples, oranges etc. Eg Pink lady apples are always expensive compared to galas. And personally I wouldn't be buying anything like strawberries in the summer!

My kids and I eat a lot of fruit, but I reckon we don't get through more than £20 worth a week (from Asda).

NannyR · 01/11/2018 20:44

I eat a lot of frozen veg - it's cheaper, doesn't go off and its just as nutritious.

Fatted · 01/11/2018 20:45

Oops, should have said I wouldn't buy strawberries on the winter!! They're extortionate!!

brainstormer123 · 01/11/2018 20:46

Tenderstem brocolli 😂 well there you go. Stop being precious and buy an ordinary broccoli

LaDameAuxLicornes · 01/11/2018 20:47

It is expensive. We buy predominantly organic, which increases the bill even more. A few tips on keeping the bill down, from experience:

Veg boxes can be good value, as well as better environmentally.
When buying loose, focus on bulky seasonal veg like cabbage and carrot. They provide a lot of nutritional bang for your buck as they are cheap, and fill you up rather in the way that starchy foods like pasta do.
Mix more expensive fresh vegetables with pulses like lentils and chickpeas, or tinned beans.
Make vegetable soups. The watery content bulks it out and fills you up more.
We try to get everyone eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, but that doesn't mean the kids have free access to everything in the fridge. Expensive fruit like blueberries, raspberries or grapes are for desserts here, not for random snacking.

user1457017537 · 01/11/2018 20:48

Do you have any Turkish or Greek foodstores in your area. Their fruit, veg and salads are normally amazing and much better value than supermarkets.

hidinginthenightgarden · 01/11/2018 20:48

Gamer the prepared stuff is the frozen stuff. I havent got room in the freezer for a bag or courgettes, a bag of peppers and a bag of aubergine etc. a one bag does 2 meals for £1.50 which is cheaper than buying it fresh. There is only one fruit and veg shop near us and it doesn't have much variety at all.
I am trying to keep things interesting to keep us motivated but am really struggling with cost.
Husband doesn't really like root veg which is why we are stuck with the other bits. I guess we need to discuss what we are prepared to compromise, choice or price.

OP posts:
headinhands · 01/11/2018 20:48

A lot of stuff you're buying is going to be pricier such as the sweet potatoes and special broccoli and frozen berries. Not sure why you're confused?

newmumwithquestions · 01/11/2018 20:48

bulk up on the cheap veg (carrots, onions, loose broccoli)
Buy in season.
I think Lidl is worth persevering with - some things aren’t great but some things are just as good and a lot cheaper. Eg I got multiple avocados there the other week, reduced to 40 p each and really good.
But there’s other things I won’t buy there.

Raspberries? Luxury item I’m afraid. Even in season. (Though I do love them!)

Cuckooclocks · 01/11/2018 20:48

My PT recommends I keep fruit to 1 piece a day as it has a lot of sugar even though it’s natural sugar. Cutting down fruit for the adults might help. Also, try not to buy pre-prepared anything as that usually drives the cost up too.

Jack65 · 01/11/2018 20:50

Buy in season fruit and veg when you can and don't buy prepared stuff because it costs a fortune for very little product. We buy from the street market and three large carrier bags of fruit and veg costs about eighteen pounds and lasts two of us two weeks.

Ollivander84 · 01/11/2018 20:50

Have you got a morrisons? They do wonky fruit and veg which is cheaper
I tend to stick (in winter) to carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms etc for stews and then have sweetcorn, peas with it
Fruit wise I eat banana, apples and then have frozen berries in my porridge
Tinned peaches or pears too

MotherWol · 01/11/2018 20:51

I know you’ve said that the markets near you are rubbish for veg, but are there any ethnic supermarkets in your area? Indian and Turkish shops are great for fresh produce and much better value. You can always tell when something’s in season as the ‘scoop men’ sell massive bowls for £1.

hidinginthenightgarden · 01/11/2018 20:52

Licornes, the berries are dessert here too.

User we have no turkish stores just Polsih and Chinese. Could give them a go?

OP posts:
PhilomenaButterfly · 01/11/2018 20:52

Have you got a market near you? We buy all our fruit and veg from there.

LKRJM · 01/11/2018 20:53

My DP is a vegetarian and eats very healthy. We tend to buy all frozen. Frozen peppers, brocolli, carrots, sweet corn etc. All loose veg is normally cheaper - 3 pack of onions is £1ish, 3 loose onions is around 60p etc. Fruit is expensive but a lot of tinned stuff not in syrup is just as nutritious and cheaper - can even fridge it to keep for later. As for apples, oranges and bananas etc just buy cheap and often so you’re eating what you use. Don’t eat so much, snack on cucumber/carrots (very cheap for veg!) Morrison’s wonky is great and always last, just doesn’t always look desirable. If you have any leftover spinach etc freeze it it’s great in a curry etc. And don’t buy premixed anything it’s way overpriced!

hidinginthenightgarden · 01/11/2018 20:55

I'm not confused headinhands, just wondering if there are ways to eat as well with a smaller price tag. I want us to enjoy the food otherwise we will end up back at square one, eating stodgy meals and snacking on chocolate.
Sweet potato has been chosen over white potato as it is less starchy. Tenderstem because we both prefer it and are more willing to eat it!

OP posts:
Jack65 · 01/11/2018 20:56

Just to say, wash the mould off the fruit and veg and it's perfectly good for cooking unless it's rotten.

FATEdestiny · 01/11/2018 20:57

Family of 6 (DC aged 14, 13, 9 and 4) and our average weekly grocery bills is £50-60 fruit, veg, salad plus £60-80 on everything else (from aldi)

Buy cheap fruit that's in season (soft fruit like raspberries are no longer in season now). Morrison's do big bags of 10-12 apples for £2.80. Pears are so cheap atm too.

Likewise but seasonal veg. Morrisons do a 3 for £3 on green beans / baby corn / sugarsnap pea etc.

£25 per week on fresh produce doesn't sound much to me. I usually use about £5 worth of veg per main meal for my family. Thats feeding 6 though, so less than a quid each.

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