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7 dwarfs meet the pope

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wurlywurly · 18/02/2007 11:13

Dopey and the other seven dwarves are meeting the Pope at the Vatican. Dopey sidles up to the Pope and says, 'Excuse me, Your Holiness, but are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?' The Pope thinks for a minute and then says 'No Dopey, I dont think there are.'
Dopey shuffles from one foot to another 'Are there any dwarf nuns in the whole of Europe?' Again the Pope shakes his head.
Desperately now, Dopey asks 'Are there any dwarf nuns in the whole world?' 'Im sorry Dopey, but the answer is no.' says the Pope 'Why are you so concerned about this issue anyway?'
Shamefaced, Dopey points to the other six dwarves who are huddled in the corner, splitting their sides with laughter and chanting 'Dopey shagged a penguin'

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chestnutty · 18/02/2007 15:58
nikkie · 18/02/2007 16:43
charliecat · 18/02/2007 22:27

very good

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