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this is funny!!!!

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buffythenappyslayer · 22/01/2007 18:13

god says to adam and eve "i have 2 body parts left,you can have one each.the first is something that allows you to wee standing up"

adam becomes really excited and claims he runs weeing up tree stumps,over rocks ans seeing how far it can go.

god and eve look at each other and shrug.god says "in that case you get the other body part.i call it a brain!"

OP posts:
tortoise · 22/01/2007 18:13


HEIFER · 22/01/2007 18:29

got a chuckle from me...

mummymic · 27/01/2007 22:27

love it

Beauregard · 27/01/2007 22:28
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