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XPs Mother...

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MamaTo3Boys · 31/08/2013 12:42

Not sure what to do about her, or XPs whole family tbh.

Basically, I split with XP about 18 months ago and found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after. I now have 2 children with him, a 4yo DS and an 8mo DS. He doesn't have any contact with them at all which was decided through court.

Now, I can understand his family not wanting to have any contact with me but they don't acknowledge my children at all. XPs mother has other grandchildren and she goes out of her way to throw birthday parties, travels miles to go and visit them etc but its like my children don't exist. She's seen DS3 (8mo) once since he was born and I had to travel to her. She didnt even send a message or card or anything to DS2 on his 4th bday. Even when DS2 was born and I was still with XP she insisted that I travel an hour on a train to go and introduce new baby to her when he was only a week old! I felt pressured into it (XP was violent and controlling hence the break up) and so ended up going and exhausting myself in the process. So this ignoring the children thing isn't only because I've split up with XP, its been going on for years.

As it stands at the moment I don't go out of my way to contact her but if she contacts me ill message back. I don't visit her and neither do the children.

Probably a stupid question but what do I do? Do I just leave it as it is? I can't help but feel my children are missing out on a whole other half of their family, but at the same time I feel that if we did go and see them they'd be competing with their cousins and may get ignored whilst were their which I don't want to put my children through Confused. X

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MissMalonex2 · 31/08/2013 12:56

I would leave it and not encourage the relationship. She doesn't sound very nice tbh

NotALondoner · 31/08/2013 13:05

leave it, best for you and your kids.

MamaTo3Boys · 31/08/2013 14:49


Think I just needed reassurance that I was doing the right thing by not having contact Smile

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