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Help me flirt!!!!!

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rainbowfeet · 28/08/2013 10:36

Been single way too long.. Have very little self confidence so I'm finding it very difficult to flirt... Any tips welcome. Grin

Victim is single also a little shy I think. We live near each other & bump into one another quite often, I can chat but how do I move it on to flirting in the hope he might respond??!! Wink

Thank you
Don't want to be too obvious as I don't want it to be awkward if he doesn't fancy me Confused

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mlamle · 29/08/2013 07:14

Hi, can be difficult to flirt if it doesn't come naturally, I know... do you know if you have any shared interests / taste in music, films etc? Maybe see if he'd like to go & see a film or gig with you? If he takes you up on it, you'd get an opportunity then for an extended chat. Good luck!

rainbowfeet · 29/08/2013 15:39

Hoping at some point soon, we will be in the pub at the same time & alcohol will help me a little!! Blush

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Halfahundred · 29/08/2013 18:59

I used to be like you. What changed is a sense of increasing confidence. I also began to feel so much more at ease with myself. I remember watching some Brazilian women friends of mine flirt and feeling so envious - and then I learned to do it.

So, most of all, you need to develop a bantering style. View it not as flirting (in the first instance) but rather, as having a laugh and a joke. At the level of jokey banter, there's less face loss. Keep things light, laugh and smile. If they don't respond, you've lost nothing. People tend to warm to laughter and smiles. It's the way of the world. Don't think of it as flirting - with intent. Rather, as pleasantly passing the time of day. This will take the pressure off and help you relax. Keep it short in the first instance, bump into him, make eye contact, find something funny to banter about (this could be anything).

So, eg, I bumped into 3 guys at the photocopier the other day. They were trying to work out what had gone wrong with it and all three were peering at the machine in a sort if befuddled way. Obviously, I couldn't use the copier and so smiled and said 'how many men does it take to...' - and that was it. They all burst out laughing. It was light, jokey banter. This is what you're aiming for at first.

rainbowfeet · 30/08/2013 09:13

Ah thank you halfahundred fab advice.

I think it's all about picking the right moment hopefully that will come along soon Grin

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