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Shouldn't have a snooped.. Advice please..

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Stom91 · 26/08/2013 20:34

Hi all.
So... Mum asked me to go on her Facebook to get an address that someone had messages her as she couldn't remember... At the time I had just fallen pregnant and she was supposed to keep it a secret.. While on her Facebook i saw that she had told my auntie that im pregnant... Which I was pretty annoyed about because it wasn't her news to tell.. It was mine.. So when I did called my auntie and tell her she made out she didn't know..

Anyway... Since then I haven't trusted her in regards to keeping the sex a secret so I went onto her Facebook... To which I found she has been talking dirty to this guy like explicit... What makes it worse is 1. She's married to my dad and 2. This guy she's been talking to is her COUSIN!!
I find it really sickening and weird! He is married and has kids too.... I've also saw a message to someone else saying that she been texting this guy and she sees him at work.. And then this guy said how are the naughty pics coming along..

If this was my dad she would not hesitate to throw him out..
And yes I know I shouldn't have snooped! But I don't know of what to do.
Should I let her just carry on and my dad be unaware ( dad doesn't have Facebook or anything as he's not interested in it)

OP posts:
SunshineBossaNova · 27/08/2013 14:23

No advice but bumping for you. What a horrible situation for you.

lagertops · 27/08/2013 23:35

My advice to you would be to tell her that you know. Okay, you maybe shouldn't have logged into her FB, but she probably will be too stunned/ worried in case you grass to your Dad to confront you.
Tell her that she needs to put a stop to it and that she is playing with fire. Who knows? It might just be the boot up the backside she needs to either get help re the relationship with your dad, or to stop being in denial and do something about her obvious unhappiness.

WhiteandGreen · 27/08/2013 23:40

Just found this in active convos, think you'd get more responses if asked them to move it to Relationships. It sounds an awful situation, and I'm sure anyone would struggle to know what to do.

Stom91 · 27/08/2013 23:43

Yeah. I only saw because I didn't trust her not to tell about the baby's sex! Yeh i wasnt sure where to put it

OP posts:
Jolleigh · 30/08/2013 22:24

You'd get a positive storm of responses moving to AIBU...I think there are a lot of views on this.

When I caught my dad cheating many years ago in a similar way I confronted him. Then when he didn't take me seriously I told my mum. But - I was in my teens and living with them...I think expecting that kind of privacy with a teen in the house is asking for it. As an adult, technically you're out of line looking. But considering what you've discovered, I don't think you'll manage to keep a lid on it. I know I wouldn't.

Optimist1 · 30/08/2013 22:41

To be honest I don't think this is any of your business.

DaleyBump · 01/09/2013 19:59

Maybe ask MNHQ to move this to relationships or AIBU? Sorry you're going through this Flowers

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