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Big decisions. Need help.

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chickling · 26/08/2013 08:28

Ok, here goes... We have just sold our house and moved into a short term rental while we wait for new build to be finished. It's a gorgeous house, near friends, primary school, beautifully finished etc. the rent is less than half what the mortgage will be. I've just returned to work part time after mat leave. I work as a teacher. DH and I calculated that next school year, with DS1 in primary school and DS2 almost 2, full time childcare will cost £1300 a month. We are seriously considering renting for longer and giving up on the perfect house so that I can take a career break, or I could apply to extend my part time contract (this might not be approved and I wouldn't find out until next June). Another option is that I resign and become a registered childminder. We could just about afford everything on DH salary but gives us no wriggle room if interest rates go up etc. we don't like the nursery the boys go to and I worry all day after I drop them off. Can you pay a childminder an hourly rate? Sorry for the ramble.

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Toohottohandle · 27/08/2013 17:19

We moved into a new build in dec near a new school, great area etc
Much better than our old house
Our old house was just down the rd but not nice area and house too small
Dd2 starts school sept and dd1 at school dont have childminder costs
Where we live now morgage is more

Toohottohandle · 27/08/2013 17:20

You becoming a child minder sounds gd
Could u move dcs to a different nursery

chickling · 27/08/2013 17:55

There's only really that one nursery nearby. They have the market pretty sewn up! Think we'll go for the new house and apply for part time again and have the best of both worlds. Not really much point being a home all day if its not in a house where you want to live. Child minder thing only an idea. I really don't want to give up my career as I love it and I'm off in the holidays.

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FriskyHenderson · 27/08/2013 18:00

Start another nursery then Wink Preschool so you still have the holidays?

chickling · 27/08/2013 18:28

DH and I were calculating how much that nursery must make and I'd love to open one myself. It'd definitely work, it's just finding premises.

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