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iPhone brought on eBay

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honeyjar · 24/08/2013 18:22

Hi, I brought an iPhone on eBay. The seller said /implied it could be used with EE T-Mobile and Orange.
When I got the phone, I took it to the EE shop and they said it was tied to Orange, so they could not put my SIM in which is T-Mobile.
I contacted the seller and explained all this, and asked if he would contact Orange and ask them to unlock the phone.
Alas ....... Not a word from the seller. Apart from trying to put negative feedback, is there anything I can do to get this damn thing unlocked.
Thank you for your help.

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EhricLovesTeamQhuay · 24/08/2013 18:25

Did it say t mobile compatible or not?
If so, then open a case with eBay and they will refund you.
If it didn't then well you might be able to unlock it but it costs around £50. And read the description properly next time!

JakeBullet · 24/08/2013 18:28

Er.....did I miss something, surely the OP DID read the description properly if it said it could be used with T-Mobile and Orange. I am not that savvy with mobile phones but I would take that at face value and woud be mightily hacked off if I found it was wrong.

mamij · 24/08/2013 18:33

It doesn't cost the seller anything to unblock the phone with Apple (they just have to call Apple to unlock the phone). It's called "whitelisting" or something similar. It takes 48 hours for this to take effect.

ffsx2 · 24/08/2013 18:41

Oh crud, there are some unpleasant scams involving expensive phones. Seller could be on holiday but I would be nervous.

lborolass · 24/08/2013 18:45

Now that orange and T mobile have come together under EE I suspect the seller possibly meant that the phone would be able to use all three networks but afaik that isn't the same as meaning it can use a sim of either one.

What was the exact wording of the advert, I'd guess whether you can open a dispute will come down to exactly what was said. You say it was implied which suggests not explicitly stated.

EhricLovesTeamQhuay · 24/08/2013 18:46

She says said/implied in the OP, said and implied are two different things.

honeyjar · 24/08/2013 20:53

Hi the advert said iPhone 4 EE Orange T -Mobile, that is why I thought I could use it with my T-Mobile sim.

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honeyjar · 24/08/2013 20:55

Sorry meant iPhone 5. I thought all 3 were now one network.....wrongly I guess. Maybe seller is on holiday so will try and contact him again. Thank you for the posts so far.

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EhricLovesTeamQhuay · 24/08/2013 21:24

Open a case right now, that will freeze the funds in his PayPal account while eBay sorts it out. That certainly sounds like misrepresentation so you should be able to get a refund very quickly although you will have to pay to return it (check out the cheapest courier which has signed for, maybe collect +)

mumofapirate · 24/08/2013 21:31

I agree open a dispute but do it asap.

honeyjar · 24/08/2013 22:04

Okay will do, thanks for the advice. I have also sent him another email.

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