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Gynaecological issue, maybe

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PomBearArmy · 22/08/2013 23:40

When I wake up with a full to bursting bladder, I find bright red blood on the loo roll after I've been to the toilet. But only when full to bursting.

I feel like any tests they could do would be very unpleasant, and I have no symptoms of being unwell. This has happened three times in about four weeks. Is it something that I could ignore for a while?

OP posts:
Mabelface · 23/08/2013 00:36

unpleasant, but necessary. it's not normal to bleed like that, so don't ignore and leave it.

mamas12 · 23/08/2013 12:26

You are well within your rights to ask for female doctor if that's what's worrying you
I always see women health professionals and always ask beforehand and they always accommodate me
Please see doc as soon as you can though

tak1ngchances · 23/08/2013 12:29

You should see a urogynaecologist. They will most likely do something called a cystoscope, where they insert a small camera into your bladder and have a look round, and maybe take a biopsy.
I have had it and it was totally fine

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