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annoyed with dsis wwyd

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boydonewrongagain · 20/08/2013 14:48

I'm pregnant and wasn't going to find out the sex however the scan woman accidently slipped up and referred to the baby by their sex a few times.
The only problem was I was there with dsis so I asked her to please not tell anyone as dbf didn't want to know.

I told dbf that night that I knew the sex did he want to know he said no. I thought nothing more of it.

Last week i was speaking to my other dsis on the phone and she told me my dsis who had gone to the scan with me has taken it upon herself to tell everyone in my family and some friends what the sex of the baby is.

I know in the grand scheme of things it's only going to be either a boy or a girl but me and dbf were really looking forward to being the ones who got to announce our baby

My dsis has done it in a really secretive way ie dont say I said but it's a boy/girl

So now everyone knows my mum is constantly slipping up and keeps referring to the baby by their sex and did it in front of dbf the other day so now he has found out via my mum who found out via my sister what the sex of his baby is.

I've texts my sister and she's denied she has told anyone...odd that they all know. So I haven't spoken to her for a few days. I know that as soon as I bring it up with her she will start screaming shouting.

Should i continue to think what she has done is wrong or just forget it.

OP posts:
Thesimplethings · 20/08/2013 14:51

Are you sure sonographer meant the sex of your baby? They often refer to baby as he or she rather than it

Littlefish · 20/08/2013 14:51

She has behaved appallingly. However, it's done now and there is very little you can do about it. I would have to just say to her that you are incredibly upset and disappointed that she has betrayed your confidence and that it was absolutely not her news to tell. How old is she?

Quaffle · 20/08/2013 14:54

Isn't there anything you can think of that she told you in confidence, that you can tell everyone? Then deny it of course Wink

boydonewrongagain · 20/08/2013 15:14

She's 29 going on 16 my dsis she always always has to have a drama and obviously things must be quiet on the drama front atm so she has had to create one!
(honestly when Ive been getting things ready for my wedding day shes seen the shoes Ive bought and wants the same pair (in white with a grey dress) I'm not really a bridezilla but said no I'd just rather have these shoes for me. She then threw a tantrum in the middle of the shop screaming to my mum 'why should she look nicer than me it's not right' she apparently is now not being my bridesmaid until I say she can have my shoes)

This happened the day before I found out she'd told everyone. She's married with children so its not a jealousy thing.

The sonographer got the sex right I had to go back for extra scans a few days later and asked the sex that time..


OP posts:
Ezio · 20/08/2013 23:48

Your sister is a cow, me and my sister would never be that shitty towards each other, complete boundary issues she has.

misskatamari · 23/08/2013 14:31

She sounds like a selfish nightmare! Wtf in regards to your wedding - of course you should look the best you're the bride. She totally betrayed your confidence spilling the beans about babies sex and she should be grovelling with an apology. If she does start "screaming and shouting" when you speak to her I would calmly shut her down with a "you have betrayed my trust and are now behaving like a child, I will speak to you when you can behave calmly and apologise to me sincerely like you should already have done" and then bloody leave her to it!

Idespair · 23/08/2013 14:41

Sonographer didn't necessarily look at the sex. They often use he or she regardless. Your sister may have been giving out rubbish info!

That said, she's behaved badly. The only thing to do is not trust her with secrets in future. Nothing you can do about what she's already done.

chillisbopper · 24/08/2013 22:31

I think you've every right to be annoyed by this, it isn't fair on your OH and it wasn't her news to share! I completely sympathise, my MIL told all of DHs family we have chosen a name for our son (due November) because she asked what names we liked and we said this was "A front runner" so she told everybody and calls him it when talking about him, worst bit is it is our favourite name and probably the one we will use but I feel she has ruined something for me and it puts me off so I'm trying now to find a name I like just as much Angry. Also I second the "wtf?!" With regards to your wedding, 29 is too old for her to be acting so childish and selfish!

Sad You other posters have nicer sonographers than me...I had to go to additional scanning and at the last one I already know it's a boy so I was looking and saying things like "he looks so big now" or "look at his little feet" etc and sonographer kept referring to him as "it" Hmm

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