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Family holiday- cancel?

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Lukat · 18/08/2013 23:47

We are due to fly out to Sharm el sheik in 10 days and we are very nervous and dreading it.
We have asked travel company if we can transfer the holiday to another and pay the fees etc but they said no!
So, if we decide not to go we lose the money.....Hmm
If foreign office say its unsafe we get a refund.
What's your opinions? Hmm

OP posts:
fuzzywuzzy · 18/08/2013 23:50

Right now I personally would not go to Egypt on holiday.

gobbin · 24/08/2013 16:23

What are the Foreign Office saying at the moment?

RandomMess · 24/08/2013 16:29

Guess I would make a last minute decision...

LtEveDallas · 24/08/2013 16:36

We've just come back from Hurghada and there were no signs whatsoever of any trouble.

Friends came back from Sharm on Wed and didn't see any trouble, took part in trips etc

It is shit what the holiday companies are doing though, but the FCO haven't advised against all travel though, which is what it would take.

EnglishGirlApproximately · 24/08/2013 16:38

I work for a tour operator and the feedback from Red Sea resort staff is that its business as usual and returning holiday makers are saying the same so the company won't take any losses. Having said that I wouldn't go but then I wouldn't have even considered booking Egypt in the last 12 months. That's not a dig btw, I have friends in Luxor so probably hear more bad news stories than most.

Until the FCO changes its advice then its shit for people who have holidays booked but plenty of people still booking.

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