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New posts Sunday 18th-Sat 24th

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saintlyjimjams · 18/08/2013 22:43

I'll open for a change :)

Had a long break so holidays: taking in Ireland, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, roller coasters and surfing

I have also added a page to my blog of autism surf videos

OP posts:
saintlyjimjams · 18/08/2013 22:43
OP posts:
saintlyjimjams · 18/08/2013 22:44
OP posts:
gardeningmum · 19/08/2013 07:14

I have been taking a look at my garden in August & there's a tip on helping bees in distress

mumsdotravel · 19/08/2013 12:07

We're recovering from our first family trip to Orlando and I've written about how to avoid the queues at Disney world:

fuzzypicklehead · 19/08/2013 19:56

My first post in a while: a divorce-inspired update on the old "25 Things you never knew about me" meme. 25 New Things

weregoingtothezoo · 19/08/2013 21:56

Hello Smile I've not posted here before. My holiday blog is here on fjords and waterfalls, and the obsession with outer looks compared to the soul, and how the skies really do tell the work of the Creators hands.

ExpressionConfession · 20/08/2013 14:46

Today I write about near death experience.

Not personally had one, but I'm intrigued!

NancyinCali · 20/08/2013 16:52

I've written a book review so far this week (more posts planned if I can get my writing head on!): quilty improv by Lucie Summers

cjfriess · 21/08/2013 12:05

Ella, an adorable ladybird, is the star of a Cinderella picture book in which all the characters are insects.

theonehandman · 21/08/2013 16:40

If anyone wants to know how long the adoption process takes - these are my thoughts on it.

Meh84 · 21/08/2013 19:45

Hey - this is my first time on here. I'm writing about my thoughts on depressions and overcoming the hurdles I'm facing just recently.

Thanks for looking :)

ExpressionConfession · 22/08/2013 13:10
Egusta · 22/08/2013 15:53

A number of quite random posts over the past few days... a Silent Sunday, a mini-post detailing Baby-G's love of bees (and featuring a little life bee backpack that i first heard about on MN) and a rundown on lunch.

My foodblog is taking a very strong vegetarian/vegan slant...... no-one in my regular life seems to have noticed!

alexpolistigers · 22/08/2013 19:32

I am concentrating on cats, with

let the cat out of the bag

and also Meow

I noticed, Egusts! I thought you must be a vegetarian, in fact!

alexpolistigers · 22/08/2013 19:32

Egusts?? Sorry, Egusta, of course!

DidYouPackThePassport · 23/08/2013 03:08

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?
I take you to my Happy Place in The Lake At The Centre Of My World

Egusta · 23/08/2013 06:19

Grin alex!

We are quickly going vegetarian in the family, but it started off as an all you can eat blog. Not wholly there yet... when my parents stayed with us a few weeks back I did cook meat. But for us we have pretty much stopped. But I also cooked several wholly vegan meals for my parents and dad who has always said he could 'never' just eat veggies did not notice a thing!

ParsleyTheLioness · 23/08/2013 08:41
yassusarah · 23/08/2013 13:37

What an amazing break to Spain and Portugal where I passed into my 41st year breezily

NancyinCali · 23/08/2013 16:07

Another new post for this week is all about making messes with my toddler (sensory play, art etc).

Egusta · 24/08/2013 10:07

red lentil and spinach dahl with coconut chickpea rice.

This was utterly divine. :)

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