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Got drunk and made a fool of myself

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applepieplease · 16/08/2013 00:31

Went out with work colleagues. When alone with boss told him my feelings for him ( very strong and fancy him) etc
Ooooppppssss dreading seeing him at work next week any advice?

OP posts:
Snazzyenjoyingsummer · 16/08/2013 00:42

Behave as if it never happened and make no reference to it. Or, say directly, sorry about last week, I got carried away with the drink and said a lot of things I didn't really mean, so I hope we can just forget it and move on. Then behave as if it never happened and make no reference to it.

crazykat · 16/08/2013 00:56

Any chance he was plastered too and won't remember it? If not second snazzys idea of saying "sorry about the other night, it was the drink talking" and then making sure not to drink as much round him again and doing the same thing.

Sparklysilversequins · 16/08/2013 02:20

Is he single? How did he respond?

chillisbopper · 24/08/2013 23:16

Ooh yeah is he single, how did he respond? You never know Wink

But if he didn't respond well I'd just pretend it never happened, I accidentally did this with a close college friend a few years ago and the next day at college just acted like nothing happened and we didn't speak of it again Grin

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