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Request from a buyer... WWYD?

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chelsbells · 15/08/2013 19:09

My car is up on auto trader and I've had someone email me today saying they....

How I wish i could come for inspection but I'm currently offshore for my Military program. Here is the deal. I will arrange with my pick up agent to collect from you as it is the best way I can handle this professionally.

Due to this inability to bring cash physically, the best way to pay for me would be through PayPal which is safer and I will cover the PayPal transfer fees. Kindly send me your PayPal account email address for payment transfer.

WWYD?? I've never sold a car privately so don't know how I feel about the hassle with PayPal, (its not something I ever use or have much knowledge about) them not actually viewing the car (although there are no problems with the car) and then changing their minds later?

I need to sell and so far this is the only interest I've had... But it's on auto trader until 2nd September....! Help!

OP posts:
bubblesausage · 15/08/2013 19:13

Hmm, personally I think it sounds a bit suspicious. Not 100% sure but I think a PayPal payment can be reversed by the buyer (maybe someone else will know better). Don't think I'd be comfortable taking the risk.

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 15/08/2013 19:13

Sounds like a scam. Can't put my finger on why, but the hairs on the back of my neck tingle...

kinkyfuckery · 15/08/2013 19:14

Sounds suspicious. Surely he could just ask his 'agent' to bring cash?

I think with Paypal there's a good chance he'll then do a 'items not received' claim.

Stay away.

towerofjelly · 15/08/2013 19:15

It is a scam. My OH nearly fell for it last year until we did a google search on car buying scams. I think first instincts are always good in these situations.

wallpaperaddict · 15/08/2013 19:15

You should only ever take cash on collection, PayPal can be reversed. Sounds dodgy to me.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 15/08/2013 19:17

I'd say "Bugger off".

DS and DD's boyfriend have both recently had cars on Autotrader and had nothing but scams and hassle. It is definitely a scam.

FannyFifer · 15/08/2013 19:17

Absolutely not, it's a scam.

yourcruisedirector · 15/08/2013 19:19

It's a scam!

Have heard of it several times; you should only take cash on collection as PayPal can be reversed, and unless you have proof of postage, PP will side with the 'buyer'.

Definitely don't! And ideally write back to say you are reporting the buyer to autotrader

chelsbells · 15/08/2013 19:36

Thank you very much everyone! :)

I was concerned with the 'agent' and did wonder why they couldn't deal with cash but that puts my mind at rest.

Here's hoping for a real buyer soon! Thanks again!

OP posts:
StuckOnARollercoaster · 15/08/2013 19:42

Agree that you need to be suspicious and I wouldn't trust it.
You get a lot of this when selling cars unfortunately, and in your situation - no other interest its easy to fall for it.
If there's no interest at all take a look at your advert - how is it priced relative to other cars of same model, age and mileage. Have you got good pictures - they really sell a car - need to be lots of them, in good light so you can see the detail. Have you ensured the car is clean - you'd be surprised how many people are put off by details like that.

chelsbells · 15/08/2013 19:44

Thanks Stuck.

7 photos and she looks stunning in them, priced closely to others in the area of age, spec and milage. Will reduce if I get close to the advert end.

Mini Cooper if anyone's interested?! Wink

OP posts:
hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 15/08/2013 19:46

Is it on Gumtree too?

DS spent hours on Gumtree, Autotrader and eBay looking for his new baby car. I agree, good photos and a really good description make all the difference.

StuckOnARollercoaster · 16/08/2013 06:48

Chels - unfortunately it's been a bad few months (dp sells cars) so cars have been hanging around much longer than we'd like, even with a good photo. On our eBay site we've got as many if not more watchers than ever but the phone is just not ringing. I think folks are prioritising other spends well before cars and anecdotally people are fixing their old cars rather than trading up when there's a problem.
Sounds like you are doing all you can and it's just rubbish that there's no interest....

kelpeed · 17/08/2013 05:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Onesleeptillwembley · 17/08/2013 12:34

It's a well known scam, but certainly the term 'military program' is a dead giveaway it's not even someone in the forces or from the UK.

Montybojangles · 19/08/2013 04:47

Hold out for a while before dropping the price. I got no interest initially when I advertised on auto trader, dropped price when had a call and sold, then suddenly had dozens of calls the next few days. I guess it was when it was printed in the magazines hat people started calling.

Mummyoftheyear · 25/08/2013 15:18

I've heard of scans on ebay where they say a Courrier is collecting on their behalf. The Courrier never delivers to them / they say you gabe it to wrong courrier/ company (as if!). You're obliged to give a refund.

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