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Vow of silence

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louise35 · 07/06/2006 22:19

There was a monastery which had a vow of silence, with one exception, one monk was allowed to speak every 25 years. One morning when they were all eating porridge for breakfast on the day speech was allowed, the Father superior said, "does anyone have anything to say?", "yes I do" said brother John "This porridge is too hot". Silence resumed for the next 25 years and the day came round again and father Superior said "does anyone have anything to say?", "yes I do" said brother Michael "this porridge is too cold". Silence resumed again and another 25 years passed and once gain at breakfast the Father Superior said to the now ageing and wrinkly old monks "does anyone have anything to say?" "yes I do" said brother William "I am leaving the monastery". "why is that?" said the father superior, bother William replied "because I'm sick of all the bickering over the bloody porridge!!!!".

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dewmeadow · 07/06/2006 22:30
Beetle73 · 07/06/2006 22:53

Haha. More silly jokes please!

fransmom · 08/06/2006 20:20
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