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MrsMuscle · 28/09/2012 08:01

So I have deactivated my old FB account in light of the recent rumours. I have decided I want to start fresh with FB and actually delete my old FB account (once I have downloaded some content) once and for all as I just dont want to take the risk of old pm's and chat ever going public.

So a few days ago I set up a brand new email account which I have tested to see if it works properly and it does. Then I opend a new FB account in a slightly different name. found 12 friends who are all part of group I want to saty with on FB (the only reason apart from checking on teenage daughter I now want a fb account).

Despite me asking FB help and resending my confirmation email a million times I have not received anything from FB so cannot confirm my new account. I cannot reply to any posts and all my likes dissapear. To date I have no uploaded a pic. I have no put any info on the info bit as I deciding how much info I will have this time.

I do not use FB on mobile nor have a phone that allows me to.

Has anyone else had similar? Anyone else set up a new fb account recently and had similar issues? Anyone know why I am not getting FB confirmation email??? I have checked the obvious - the email address is fine. Spam box is empty.

Do you think it is because I have no contacts in my email for fb to farm? Do you think its because I have not given enough personal infor to make its FB worthwhile for me to have an account??? It prompts me every time I log on to click on my confimation email and depite emailing them for help I have received sod all.

Help and advice pleas.

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ParsleyTheLioness · 09/10/2012 08:24

Don't know...have you tried sending friend requests from the new account, to see if it activates for the reasons you have said?

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