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Get out of the rat race?........ Or not..

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Heydoodledandy · 19/09/2012 23:12

Sorry if this is repeating another thread - but barely a week goes by without my husband and i having this conversation. We are fairly free willed people, having both been brought up on the coast in our own countries. We've lived in Australia (beach, surfing, outdoors alot), love Cornwall, and Brighton (in small doses), but we are living in London and working in the City, are massively short on space after two dcs, and really not keen on taking on a mortgage that will be an anchor about our necks for the next 30 years.... But where do we go??? We have managed to make some capital on our house so would be amazing if we could go somewhere that we were mortgage free, but although we would desperately love to be on the coast; we love a cosmoplitan vibe and don't want to be toooo far from London where we have lots of family and friends..... We want to make the break but to where??? Does this ring a bell with anyone??

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lljkk · 20/09/2012 16:57

What would you do for work instead?

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