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Nursery dilemma

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Dramajustfollowsme · 12/09/2012 09:12

My dd is very happy at nursery, loves it in fact. The only problem is dropping her off then dashing to work and running out of work to get her at the end of the day. I cant put her in any earlier or leave her there any later and there is no flexibility in my work start time and no matter how hard I try I never seem to leave at the time I'm supposed to.
However, when she turns 2, i could put her in the nursery at my work. It would take out the mad rushing around but is slightly more expensive.
I know she would probably settle quickly again but is it fair to move her again?
At the back of my mind is that she will probably go to a child minder and take up the free nursery place at our local school when she is 4. This way she can integrate with the kids she will go through primary with.
This seems a lot of changes for her. I want to make the best decision for my dd, myself and our finances.
My dh's input is - "I'm happy with whatever is best for you" Supportive but not very helpful!

OP posts:
Icesaga · 12/09/2012 10:59

I would not worry about the changes for her, at that age they adapt very very quickly. Whether you can afford the work nursery, if it is good etc are obviously other issues.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 12/09/2012 20:02

I agree with Icesaga. Children adapt very quickly and easily. Besides that, you will soon pick up if your DD is unhappy. So I would suggest you move your daughter to your work nursery. You will probably find the the reduction in your stress levels is worth the extra expense and the additional settling in sessions for your child.

Good luck. x

Rubirosa · 12/09/2012 20:09

My ds is 2. From 7 months to 18 months he went to one nursery part time, at 13 months he also started going to a childminder part time, then at 2 he is just switching to another nursery (where hopefully he will stay til school). He honestly hasn't batted an eyelid about any of it!

KentuckyFriedChildren · 12/09/2012 20:33

I doubt it would be a problem but if you are concerned why not put her to a child minder now and then you can do the earlier drop off/later pick up and she won't have to move again as the child minder will take her to free nursery when the time comes?

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