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Got any Slow Cooker recipes to share??

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yummymummyreally · 07/09/2012 22:08

I've started a Slow Cooker Recipe Linky! If you have posted a slow cooker recipe, or would like to do one this month (treat this as a blog prompt! Wink) then please share your post url in this linky!

It's here on my Yummy Mummy? Really? blog

Please join in! I am a slow cooker virgin and would love to find some great recipes to try out in my new toy!!

OP posts:
Munchiesandmunchkins · 08/09/2012 20:59

Done x

hattifattner · 08/09/2012 21:06

have a look here

YoungDebbie · 10/09/2012 23:23

Oh crikey, glad I was having a quick look at the bloggers forum before bedtime and found your message here, as it's reminded me I've left some soup cooking in my slow cooker downstairs and would otherwise have forgotten about it till I went downstairs again in the morning! So I'm probably not the one to be offering you slow-cooker recipes :o

MarcelleBabies · 12/09/2012 11:45

There are SO many slow cooker recipes on this site - i haven't actually made any, but they look ridiculously delicious... Would be interested to hear how they go if anyone decides to make them!

MarcelleBabies · 12/09/2012 11:47
poppyseeds99 · 17/09/2012 14:38

Why WHY? It's like the time everyone bought pressure cookers in the 70s and tried to cook ordinary things in them for apparently no reason........

Microwave it, baby.

Those summery meatballs do look delicious, actually.......

valiumpoptarts · 17/09/2012 19:26

Added mine :) And I can confirm that the summery meatballs are delicious and a total winner with toddlers!

RecipeJunkie · 17/09/2012 20:03

As the originator of the meatball recipe, I am flattered :-)... Otherwise it's just stew goes in mine, although this autumn is going to be the autumn of the slow cooker. It is.

thethinkertinker · 18/09/2012 08:07

I was going to throw this question out there yesterday as I realised that life last week flew by and my circumstances got more ridiculous with each passing school run! NOT one to EVER cook before eight in the morning, I did make the effort for this one last night and it was AMAZING! My four year old devoured it, my husband had that 'I remember why I love you' and lets make out look (then he found the grated garlic,but don't let that put you off, it works!) and I couldnt eat it fast enough!
I will definitely make this one again!

KnockKnockPenny · 18/09/2012 14:50

Am I too late?

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