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Hello fellow bloggers

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UniqueYoungMum · 04/09/2012 11:11


I'm 'new' to the blogging scene, I started my blog just over a month ago (2nd August 2012) and in that time I have had a large amount of hits over 4000, I have been told by more established bloggers this is great. I have also had great success with PR's/Companies giving me the opportunity to review products for them.

Why I'm posting here is because I don't get a lot of comments on my post, but I'm getting hits :s rather confused lol.

If any one can help me out with a bit of advice/help I will really appreciate that.

Thank you, Jade -

OP posts:
YoungDebbie · 10/09/2012 23:31

Gosh, that's an amazing number of hits to get! Maybe you are using lots of words that people search under? Do you know how people are finding your blog?via search engines or are you very active putting links to posts on Twitter and that sort of thing? I've just taken a look at it and am wondering if some of your brand names mentioned are getting lots of hits e.g. Disney, Toy Story, Ben 10. I know when I've occasionally mentioned a brand in passing, e.g. Hello Kitty, I get hits for ages against that brand name. (I don't do product reviews.)

One way to get more comments is to actively ask for them! - end each post with a question and invite readers to reply. Then try to reply to each comment, so that it's clear that you've read them. People really appreciate responses and will be more likely to comment again if they get a reply. Seeing a real conversation going on like that will also encourage further new comments.

Good luck, you're doing really well, so keep it up!

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