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The start of term

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TheNewson · 30/08/2012 17:56

Are you prepared for it?
I've written a blog featuring a week by week look at this first term. As usual, it's tongue in cheek, but some of you may recognise the signs....

The calm before the Storm

So you've braved the battle zone of Clarke's and dented your credit card for a spanking new uniform (what do you mean polo shirt collars aren't meant to curl up like stale dirt sandwiches?).

You rugby tackled a granny to bag that last Moshi Monsters lunchbox and labelled everything in sight with permanent marker, including your husband's suits.

The alarm's set for stupid o clock and the kids' bedtime has moved forward from the end of Love your Garden (if only it would love me back, the heartless cad) to the start of Corrie.

This can mean only thing. Welcome to the start of term, kids!

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