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WWYD re: going to college

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booksandchoc · 23/08/2012 18:08

I applied for a college course last year but found out I was pregnant, so decided to wait till this year. I'm due back at work in 3 weeks and can go down to part time hours. Not got a space in course but there is a few available.

Problem is I work in retail at the moment, minimum wage, shifts all over the place, not my ideal job. My dads company have offered me a job but with no start date in mind yet. (job is definitely there but lady who has job is trying to get pregnant, I would be covering her mat leave and she will be getting a promotion when she returns, making my job there permanent) it would be a good pay, 9-5, every weekend off, exactly what my family needs but not my dream job.

Wwyd? Go to college? Wait on good job? I figured I will wait till next year and if I haven't started the new job then I will go to college.

OP posts:
whyme2 · 24/08/2012 07:39

Why can't you start the college course this year? It may take a long time for the pregnancy to happen meanwhile you are just waiting.

You don't sound particularly enthusiastic about the job at your Dad's company either though. What is it you really want to do, you know if you pictured yourself in 5 years time?

booksandchoc · 24/08/2012 09:00

I found out I was pregnant last year so I have had a baby. I might not get on the college course because they start next week. Im not overly enthusiastic about the job at my dads work because it's admin, I would rather be working in labs, doing some sort of biology science concerning cells and DNA. I'm just trying to be realistic with finances etc. DH only works 30 hours a week and I now have 7 month DD. I have done some holiday cover at my dads work and I did like, don't want to let them down now I guess aswell.

OP posts:
whyme2 · 24/08/2012 11:45

Have you done the sums to check you can afford the course and live on your DH's earnings? How long is the course? tbh I would apply this year if you can manage to fund it? Then have another talk with your Dad about his business and future opportunites. It may be the thing to do for the next few years before you can realise your career dreams.

savoycabbage · 24/08/2012 11:51

You should apply to see if there is a place at college. At least you will know one way or another.

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