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If you saw a toddler blue and shivering with cold

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Whirliwig72 · 21/08/2012 16:11 the splash park being totally ignored by his parents. Happened to me today at local park. Little boy of about 2 shivering crying and upset having got very cold after playing in the water. He looked really miserable so I wrapped him in one of our towels and threw the parents a dirty look. Mum was too engrossed in her phone to notice. His dad laughed at me (not in a nice way!). I know I probably should not have interfered but poor more looked wretched and so relieved when I wrapped him up. They did not appear to have any towels or dry clothes for him to change into :(

OP posts:
Whirliwig72 · 21/08/2012 16:12

Mite not more!Smile

OP posts:
LadySybildeChocolate · 21/08/2012 16:13

Sad I would have done the same. I hope they are better parents at home.

Dordeydoo · 22/08/2012 17:18

That's terrible, I would of done the same. OP did the parents even acknowledge what you had done??

Whirliwig72 · 23/08/2012 07:51

Yes the father laughed at me! Sad

OP posts:
HarlotOTara · 23/08/2012 17:11

That's awful! The same sort of thing happened when I was on the train yesterday. It was the end of the line, and we were about to get off the train. These two little boys (brothers) were fighting and winding each other up, but the father was too involved with his phone call to stop them!

Floggingmolly · 26/08/2012 21:19

He laughed at you? Hmm. What an utter gobshite. Poor kid, well done for caring enough to help him.

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