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Question about email subscribing on blogger?

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yummymummyreally · 20/08/2012 22:23


I've got the "Subscribe to posts/comments" widget on my blog, but I'm not sure how I can get a "Subscribe by email" option. I'd like to build up an email list for those that want to follow by email to occassionally also email newsletters/offers etc. But can't work out how to do it on blogger. Is it possible please?

Thanks Smile

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Avenue57 · 21/08/2012 08:16


I'm new to blogging but I've got this on mine - I think via your dashboard you just add a gagdet .. I spent the day the other day adding all sorts and I'm positive this was one of them!


yummymummyreally · 22/08/2012 07:15

I'll keep looking in the gadgets list. Thanks.

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QueenMaeve · 25/08/2012 20:57

Yes it's in the gadgets list definitely . It's a good idea to add it, because if you add your blog to a rankings website, the amount of subscribers will effect your ranking.

yummymummyreally · 27/08/2012 21:43

Found it!!!!!!! Thanks! For some reason it's now on the first page of widgets. It wasn't there before! HONESTLY!! (feels very stupid now....)

Though... can I access the list of email subscribers to send them a newsletter for example? Where do I do that?

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Tee2072 · 29/08/2012 20:55

Yeah, I am pretty sure that is an automated thing that doesn't tell you who has subscribed.

I have no idea if what you actually want is available.

yummymummyreally · 29/08/2012 22:17

Thanks Tee2072. Never mind. :-)

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