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If you had nothing to lose...

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Iamgiulietta · 19/08/2012 22:57

My husband is just about to be made redundant and I don't have a job but have just started looking ( before the redundancy news) kids are 8 and 3 I have been at home for about 1 year. I have an
Interview next week and my hubby is going self employed as he is burnt out as this us the third time in 8 years he has lost his job , none through any fault if his own , our mortgage is mahooooosive we have a nice house but after living here for 5 years I don't really care where we live now as long as we are all together. I want to put rh house on the market CBS think I can get enough to pay the mortgage off and the estate agent and leaks and walk away a free person. My hubby wants to move to Australia and I must admit I know nowt about it but I have said I will go with him. He is panicking like mad and has already been scammed by some dodgy australian via firm which required several hours on the phone to my bank to sort out , but anyway I digress!! Dont know if this is makIng any sense but I just want to move somewhere with good schools and get a job where I can contribute to the community and still raise my kids and bring some money into the house...

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PrunellaDeVille · 20/08/2012 15:23

i'd do it, sounds like an ideal time to up sticks. if you're concerned about leaving family/friends just remember they are only 24 hours away (or maybe less from Oz).
Do you meet any current immigration criteria? Do you have skills that will be in demand/easily transferable?
good luck

Iamgiulietta · 20/08/2012 22:53

Thx pruney. I typed a huuuuge reply to this , this afternoon but it has disappeared into the ether. I don't really hate where I live but If I don't try doing something different I think I will regret it Grin

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