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Yipee - PR has just jumped to 2!

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Bex66 · 09/08/2012 22:56

I had given up checking the page rank for my blog as it was always 0, but then went to check it tonight and it has jumped to 2! Am just really chuffed. It's getting there - 2000 visitors last month from 55 countries!

OP posts:
DillyTante · 12/08/2012 09:25

How do you check? Do you just mean googling?

jemjabella · 13/08/2012 21:09

Look for a toolbar pagerank checker, e.g.

It's worth noting, as it says on that page, that the toolbar PR and your actual rank may differ. Only Google knows the pagerank of any one page.

Avenue57 · 20/08/2012 14:02

ooh thank you - I shall obsess over this I'm sure!
Currently on zero for my website but it means I have something to work on!

janglitz · 01/09/2012 23:39

how do you rank in page-ranker,what do you need to do....

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