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mn blogger network help needed!!

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valiumpoptarts · 07/08/2012 19:32

Hi, I've been putting off asking this for a couple of weeks now as it makes me feel like a bit of a thicko, but how do you get your blog onto the most recent posts bit of the site? Driving me slowly mental!! Ta!

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 07/08/2012 19:34

If you've been approved for the network, then MNHQ will put your feed their automatically.

How long ago were you approved?

valiumpoptarts · 09/08/2012 13:22

Ahh, well I've been on here a few months but having just looked through a few on the list and seeing how many are added daily I don't think its that shocking that I haven't seen any of mine!

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 09/08/2012 18:14

Yes, are you sure you're just not instantly pushed off the front page when you post?

It is a problem with the network. There are far too many.

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