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Writing erotica

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cornishblonde1 · 04/08/2012 14:07

I'm considering doing just as the title of my post suggests.

Are others considering similar given the recent success of a certain 'novel'?

Any good blogs I can read for inspiration / research? (or are responders not allowed to suggest blogs?)

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scottishmummy · 04/08/2012 21:48

you want to write a wank book,because of 50shadesofshite
why would you copy such poor literature
why do you need to be so derivative

DillyTante · 05/08/2012 11:28

Oh scottishmummy don't be so unnecessarily derisive. People are inspired by current culture. 50 shades may be shite but it has given a licence for that sort of writing that wasn't really there before.

scottishmummy · 05/08/2012 12:00

so what write by numbers
reproduce shades of shite because it sells
"that sort" writing has been there maybe just not sold or promoted as widely

xTwinkleMummyx · 05/08/2012 19:25

Good or bad, anything that gets people reading can't be a bad thing.

blueshoes · 05/08/2012 20:20

50shades is a good example of extremely poor writing. Even as erotica, it does not work. Try as I might, it did not get my juices going!

cornishblonde1 · 07/08/2012 21:17

To clarify, there were elements of Fifty Shades of Grey that I really didn't enjoy and I'd like to write something which reflects my own fantasies (weak willed women being tied up doesn't do it for me).

I was writing erotica long before 50 shades came along but yes I admit to having been inspired to take it up again. Just wanted some thoughts on publishing it in blog format.

Thanks for the useful, constructive and supportive comments.

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