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Newbie question: do you include photos of your children?

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Dogless · 28/07/2012 21:30


I've just signed up to this network- v exciting to find a place where I can ask lots of questions about blogging...

My blog is all about ways to keep the kids (and us!) occupied when the weather is rubbish and everyone's going mad indoors! (it's called RainyDayGames- if you're interested it's at ). Obviously, I will be blogging about my own children and the games that we play- and my question is this: do you include photos of your own children- or do you keep them anonymous?

I'm erring on the side of protecting their privacy-but I don't really know- I'd love to hear other people's opinions and see what you do....

OP posts:
HexagonalQueenOfEverything · 29/07/2012 09:28

I don't put my childrens' photos on my blog, or refer to them by name. I just don't feel comfortable doing so.

Tee2072 · 29/07/2012 09:30

I post pictures of my son and use all of our real names.

Tee's Blog

But I think there is no privacy left in the world anyway, so why bother to hide?

Tee2072 · 29/07/2012 09:30

Opps, bad link!

Tee's Blog

Try that one!

QueenMaeve · 29/07/2012 11:28

I have lots of pictures of my dc, but don't use their names, just initials. There are photos of my children online on school websites, local newspaper websites when they've been photographed winning something, sports club websites, in group pics at weddings on people's facebook, etc. Think it must be impossible to keep their pics offline tbh

addictedisback · 29/07/2012 11:35

I use photos but use nicknames (monster and monkey)
For me its more about not wanting anyone to know their names and be able to call them in the street.

But you need to do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Dogless · 29/07/2012 19:34

Thanks for your responses!
Hexagonal- my gut reaction is the same as yours- I just don't feel comfortable with it. Although I think tee is probably right- there probably is no privacy. I've just had a little look at your blog, tee, and it feels very 'real' for having actual names and photos.
Addicted- I think I'm in the same middle ground as you- the names I've given my children on the blog are nicknames too.

I guess I'm also worried that, when my kids are older, they might be embarrassed that I've written about them... And if I use photos they won't be able to deny that it's them. I'm comfortable letting people know who I am, but I don't feel I can 'out' them in the same way. Am I just over thinking this??

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 29/07/2012 20:04

A lot of people look at it that way, Dogless. And if my son says to me in a year or two, stop, I'll stop. But right now, as his mum, it's my decision. Grin

I don't use a lot of pictures on my blog anyway, as you've seen, so it's not like there's 1,000 out there.

mrsshortiesmind · 29/07/2012 21:15

I was wary to begin with, worried about their pictures being able to identify them and therefore me, but now I have created a second blog that is about the family (my first is about me & my PND) and I have put pictures of us on there, but basically just use their initials.

You have got to do what you feel comfortable with, I have a few pics on my main blog with either our heads chopped off, or with something over our faces. I think it also depends what you are blogging about, and whether you would rather it was more anonymous.

fuzzypicklehead · 31/07/2012 18:32

Small world OP--I've been to your blog, I think following a Pinterest link to your playdoh recipe. Good stuff.

I do occasionally use photos of my kids on the website, usually with nicknames.

TheNewson · 31/07/2012 19:27

Hi and welcome. I use pictures of my children in my blog. Usually 1-2. I don't use their real names, but I haven't ruled it out yet.

Anna x

xTwinkleMummyx · 01/08/2012 13:58

I've recently posted about this before.
I used to use photos of the Twinkles but then when I was looking at my blog stats I noticed that someone had keyword searched a phrase, which I won't mention on here, this obviously had brought up the photos of one of my sons. The thought that someone was looking at my family photos in that way disgusted and appalled me so I removed the photos and now I only have photos of the backs of them. I do not use real names.

Bachelormum · 02/08/2012 03:07

Yes I pst pics of my poppet, it helps to tell or stories. I just refrain from using our names, I'd her school, our suburb etc. I also use instagram to jzzzz up the pics. (it doesn't help my blog site though,it's very ugly and in line for a makeover :)

Check it out if u like:

sonnyandluca · 02/08/2012 08:35

This is a bone of contention in our house which I think I'm losing but...

Ive used names and photos until now. My argument being I don't make my kids walk backwards down the street or call them by nicknames in the park.
I appreciate the gaping holes in my argument, but I don't want them growing up in a bubble of paranoia and suspicion.

I'm teaching them the same lessons in safety as were taught to me. I hate to think how much of my childhood would have been lost had my parents had the same level of fear I see in some parents today.

I'm not so naive to think that the world around us isn't fraught with varying dangers, but equally, as Scroobius Pip did say ...

"Not every man over the age of 30 who speaks to your children is a paedophile, some people are just nice."

... or words to that effect.

Saying all that, my OH thinks otherwise so reluctantly nicknames are imminent.


sonnyandluca · 02/08/2012 09:24

Sorry, just realised my rant went beyond online safety and anonymity. My OH is right, I do struggle to keep to one subject!

saintlyjimjams · 02/08/2012 15:37

I use real names and photos and videos. But then my blog is on a very specific topic, sort of a documentary or case study in some ways and it would be odd to not use them.

If it was more of an opinion related blog I wouldn't.

valiumpoptarts · 07/08/2012 19:29

Hi, I blogged about this recently as I wasn't sure what the right thing to do was, and it got quite a bit of feedback from other bloggers which I found really helpful. The day after I blogged it though I discovered that someone I knew had a conviction, who I never ever would have guessed about. If anything, it made me think there's no point in trying to hide it online when the real danger is people that you already know (rather sadly).

putri · 31/08/2012 00:36

I use real names and photos. I was, kind of still, active in the paper crafting world and was published in mags so it was pointless hiding. if one or both girls want me to quit I will, but right now oldest dd is cool and youngest only thinks that the Internet is only good for watching movies :)

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