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DS with Chicken Pox - going to olympics this weekend

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happytappy · 25/07/2012 12:23

Im a first time poster, but a long time lurker. Hoping I have posted in the correct section and break no MN rules.

My question is this, my DS almost 5 has just been diagonsed with chicken pox. Only mildy ill, and a small rash at the moment. My DH and I are hoping to go to London at the weekend for the opening of the Olympics, returning home on Sunday. We had arranged for his Grandparents to stay at our house to look after him and DD.

Would you still go knowing that your child is unwell but with loving Grandparents who are still happy to look after him despite the chicken pox? Suppose Im just feeling at little guilty about still intending to go, also this would be the first time my DH and I have both been away together at same time, and therefore leaving them without either parent.

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DontEatTheVolesKids · 25/07/2012 12:29

God yes I'd still go. I'd only cancel if he had to go to hospital.

happytappy · 25/07/2012 12:42

Thanks for reply DontEat. Deep down I know he will be fine, was already feeling guilty about leaving them, now the added worry that he his unwell.

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DontEatTheVolesKids · 25/07/2012 14:24

chicken pox was very mild with 2 of my kids, and it wasn't horrific with the others, no worse than half a dozen other viruses (virii?) they've had with fever & a fair bit of whinging.

Go go go.

kittybloom · 25/07/2012 14:28

I would go. By that stage the worst will probably be over anyway. I would leave the grandparents with pirition, calpol and a thermometer just for everyone's peace of mind but unlikely to need to be used.

wonkylegs · 25/07/2012 14:31

Go, as long as GPs are happy to look after, then there should be no problem. Its not like you are abandoning DC to the wolves, It's Grandparents who i'm sure are quite capable of administering cuddles & calpol. If it assuages your guilt bring them back a completely overpriced souvenir treat.

3duracellbunnies · 25/07/2012 14:36

Exposure to chicken pox in older people is thought to protect against shingles, so you could say that you are doing the GP a favour! I'm sure he will be fine, you can always reassess or come back early if you need to.

Pozzled · 25/07/2012 14:47

I would definitely still go, as long as he has a strong relationship with the GPs. If it were my DD she'd be looking forward to the GPs coming and would see it as a treat. I bet he'll be absolutely fine!

SeventhEverything · 25/07/2012 14:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

numbertaker · 25/07/2012 14:54

I would not go. I never feel its ok to leave my children ill. It's my job.

happytappy · 25/07/2012 15:01

Thanks to all for replies. I feel better now. Your right of course - he will be fine with GP's, who Im sure will spoil him even him more with sweets and ice cream to help him feel better.

And of course we will be bringing them both a overpriced treat. I can already hear the credit card groaning.

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