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about 'd'sis visit?

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ceeveebee · 24/07/2012 00:16

I live in a touristy part of UK 250 miles away from family. My sister wants to come and stay for a few days. She had two DCs (5 and 3) who are total brats, very noisy, disobedient, unruly brats and I know they are my niece and nephew but I really don't like spending time with them. She is no better herself, totally selfish and self obsessed, overbearing, full of great parenting advice, never shuts up and is a total PITA really.

Every time she has come (usually about once a year for a free holiday) I end up feeling so stressed out and exhausted. She doesn't lift a finger to help, I get a migraine from all the shouting (by her and the DCs) and basically dread it. My DH hates her too. Also I am on maternity leave with 8 mo twins and want to spend as much quality time with them as possible before going back to work in October.

She's just sent an email (no phone calls from her for months...) asking when they can come in August. This year I want to tell her a firm 'no' but can't really do this without offending her. And she is recently divorced so I do feel a bit sorry for her. I don't want to pretend we're fully booked up (although we do have only 2 weekends free before end of August due to all the other visitors) as she will just wheedle her way to coming midweek or something.

How can I rebuff without offending? Or do I just grow a pair and tell her straight?

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PenguinFeet1 · 24/07/2012 00:28

Just tell her that it is not convenient for her and her family to stay with you in this occasion. However you'd like to catch up during her stay by all going out together somewhere. When your twins have had enough you go home and job done.?

dillnameddog · 25/07/2012 15:23

Blimey, just email back and say:

'Hi sis

'Lovely to hear from you. No can do a visit this year - 8mo twins are keeping my hands busy I am afraid. Sorry!!'

hope all is good.

Ceevee xx

ceeveebee · 25/07/2012 20:31

Thanks both. I emailed back saying 'we are pretty much fully booked up until end of August - sorry can't be of more help. Hope to see you soon'

She hasn't replied...

OP posts:
dillnameddog · 26/07/2012 18:02

email is a wonderful thing!

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