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...with a spare £100k...

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nonsense0name · 20/07/2012 17:58

in dreamland.... what (other than pay off mortgage) would you do with £100k?


OP posts:
Westcountrylovescheese · 20/07/2012 17:59

World trip... First class... For a whole year!

StarlightWithAsteroid · 20/07/2012 18:00

I would retrain as a human Rights Lawyer with a specialism in SEN and then kick some LA arses!

ChasingSquirrels · 20/07/2012 18:01

what makes it "spare"?

chipsandpeas · 20/07/2012 18:02

quit my job then travel a bit

Tee2072 · 20/07/2012 18:14

Tell my twatish client to fuck the fuck off to fuck off and then fuck off some more.

Melindaaa · 20/07/2012 18:16

We just admired it in the bank for six months. It wasn't really spare though, justroceeds from the sale of our house. We went into rented and then used it as a deposit on the house we live in now. Our bank balance is zero again, but it was nice while it lasted,

CunningDisguiseNeeded · 21/07/2012 12:47

Give to a friend to (partially) buy a house she needs

nonsense0name · 21/07/2012 21:43


"spare" as in not needed to pay off a debt or buy a house or car....

boring as it sounds but I don't know what i'd do, i think if i spent it all on a holiday/travel i might regret it in future but i'm not sure that i'd invest it either

good job i don't have that problem eh??!!

Tee2072 - feel for you

the question came from a discussion i had the other day - what are you saving for.....what would be a good aim...what would you do etc

OP posts:
BulletProofMum · 21/07/2012 21:46

Do up the house and garden. New cayenne.

Fab family no expense soared holiday
Fab dream holiday trekking somewhere exotic with a remote beach at the end without the kids

fivegomadindorset · 21/07/2012 21:48

Convert the barn that we have.

lilolilmanchester · 21/07/2012 21:49

It would give me a buffer to give up current "job" and move to something less stressful

ChasingSquirrels · 22/07/2012 20:29

well, spare in that sense - mine sits in the bank (or rather various banks). I don't see it as spare though, I see it as savings for the future (long term future).

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