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Good Ways to promote your blog

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theundercovermummy · 12/07/2012 20:23

Hi there,

I am a new blogger and wondered if there were any great tips anyone could share that will help 'put my blog out there into the blogging world'? x

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MmeGuillotine · 13/07/2012 00:10


  1. Find blogs that are either similar to your own or that you genuinely enjoy and comment. The key word here is 'genuine' though - be friendly, interested and engaging and don't just link back to your own blog. If the blogger and/or their readers are intrigued or interested by your comment then they'll click from your name to see what YOU have to say. :)

2. If you aren't already on Twitter then sign up and jump in. Again, don't talk about your blog all the time. The most interesting and engaging bloggers will link to it when they've made a new post or have one that is particularly pertinent to current affairs etc but will otherwise chat about other stuff.

3. Make a Facebook page for your blog so that people can like it.

Um, that's pretty much all I do and I've managed to accumulate thousands of readers and followers and a frankly alarming 1.5 million page views - it takes a bit of work and can be hideous if you are at all socially awkward (I am chronically shy so find it all a bit much at times) but it soon pays off. :)

Good luck!
theundercovermummy · 15/07/2012 22:47

Thank you so much for the advise! greatly appreciated:) have now done all of the above and found some nice friends:)

What is the name of your blog? will have a read through :)

That is amazing! congratulations and what an honour that so many people want to hear what you have to say :)

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mrtu · 16/07/2012 02:04

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