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oral sex description by 10yr old girl in school

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loopydoo · 26/06/2012 09:03

DD (10.5) came home last night quite upset, telling me a girl at school had been telling them, quite descriptively, about sucking boys' willies'. Now I don't know in what context she was telling but I assume just information, not saying she had done it.

DD (who knows what sex in a loving relationship is etc) was a bit disturbed by how the girl had been telling them and it seems this girl is a bit of a bully and has been causing other upset to the new girl in class (saying stuff about her dad not being her real dad etc) and trying to split up my dd from her other friends etc.

Would you talk to school about this child and if so, what would you say or would you just see it as playground normal stuff.

It's so sad that age 10, that's what girls are talking about. I'm only early 30s and certainly not a prude but all that kind of stuff (especially oral sex) wasn't really in the equation of playground chat until we were about 12 and even then, it wasn't something we discussed.

OP posts:
givememarzipan · 26/06/2012 20:25

It's certainly not normal playground stuff, I would talk to the school. Hopefully it is innocent but a 10 year old talking graphic sex isn't something that should be ignored.

Pozzled · 26/06/2012 20:33

Yes, talk to the school. It should be referred to the child protection officer, the class teacher can tell you who that is, or they can pass your comments on. Just tell them what your DD has said.

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