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Wedding outfit left behind

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stargirl1701 · 08/06/2012 16:31

I have just got on the train to Aberdeen and realised I have left the dress I plan to wear to a wedding tonight in my car. Do I stay in my work clothes or change into the jeans I planned to wear tomorrow?

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chocoroo · 08/06/2012 17:01

What do your work clothes look like? One of my pet hates is jeans at weddings (even in the evening) so I wouldn't wear those.

Work clothes could be ok. Will there be an Accessorize or anything in the station that you could buy some stuff to glam up?

CarpeJugulum · 08/06/2012 17:03

Union Square shopping centre beside the train station is open until 8pm
If that helps?

stargirl1701 · 08/06/2012 18:34

Another guest I know has offered me an outfit. I feel like my brain is melting away with every week of this pregnancy. I just hope I can fit it over the bump!

I have jewellery and a shrug. My work clothes are black trousers and a strappy top with a shirt. Swap the shirt for the shrug?

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CarpeJugulum · 08/06/2012 20:27

Sounds fine. When (where?) is the wedding? No chance of a bit of morning shopping?

stargirl1701 · 09/06/2012 10:39

It was yesterday Grin The outfits didn't go over the bump. Sad Just wore work clothes. It was a lovely evening.

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