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Jordans turned over a new leaf, gone very classy

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thestringcheesemassacre · 29/05/2012 18:10

i'm speechless

OP posts:
MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 29/05/2012 18:16

hysterical Grin
Just imagining dh's reaction if i turned up in this garb, curlers an' all Grin Grin

CalamityKate · 29/05/2012 18:18

Blimey you can see every detail of his willy through those tighty whiteys!

PotteringAlong · 29/05/2012 18:19

Oh dear God! :)

thestringcheesemassacre · 29/05/2012 18:19

She's so ladylike and feminine. That garter TAT is so fetching.

OP posts:
MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 29/05/2012 18:25

cheese you have made my day with this Grin

thestringcheesemassacre · 29/05/2012 18:35

A pleasure to be of service mrsguy

OP posts:
Follyfoot · 29/05/2012 18:37

I reckon its a sock or an - aptly named - shuttlecock

MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 29/05/2012 18:41

folly Grin

MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 29/05/2012 18:42

gonna show this pic to Dh when he gets home - will be priceless, and no pun intended Grin

marriednotdead · 29/05/2012 19:18

"Working with Store Twenty One has not only given me the opportunity to put everything I?ve learnt about lingerie, nightwear and swimwear into practice, it?s also made sure that the whole collection will be amazingly affordable."

She's learnt precisely sod all then. So much dangerous influence to vulnerable young fools girls. I will respect her the day she wears her REAL size and publically admits what it is (at least 28K by my professional estimation).

Bet they don't do my size either, pity Grin

LynetteScavo · 29/05/2012 19:24

Oooh, that old is he?????

And that tattoo! Seriously. I have no words.

She does have a good body for her age, but Good Lord! she won't be able to pull off a spay tan that dark for much longer.

We are starting to point and laugh now, Katie.

thestringcheesemassacre · 29/05/2012 20:26

Lynne I think the horse has bolted. I've been laughing for a while. Grin

OP posts:
cocolepew · 29/05/2012 20:32

He looks a bit like Ricky Martin.

I just thought I'd throw that in there for you lot you didn't look at his face Smile

WTF is she doing in the photo with her back to the camera Confused

Yummymummyyobe1 · 29/05/2012 20:35

Whilst I would never do this myself and it is the height of tackiness, on the other hand she is a very clever business woman. xx

thestringcheesemassacre · 29/05/2012 20:40

Ugh, I hate that line. "she's a clever business woman".
She is a pornographer and an AWFUL role model for our daughters.

I do say, no-one can do tack like her.

OP posts:
sneezecakesmum · 29/05/2012 20:41

omg Shock speechless...............

MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 29/05/2012 21:08

cocolopew lol at helping those that had not looked at his face Grin

hiviolet · 30/05/2012 07:40

Businesswoman my arse. She has a team of people telling her what to put her name to next, and that quote above definitely didn't come from her. She's not that articulate.

cocolepew · 30/05/2012 07:57

I'm here to help.

AKissIsNotAContract · 30/05/2012 08:08

I like katie price and her underwear range is very good value.

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