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how would you feel about this?

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IAmBooybilee · 26/05/2012 15:25

going to a wedding where some of the guests have booked a group babysitter for the evening of the wedding. the idea being that all the children attending will go to the babysitter at 7pm (the parents pay but i'm not sure how much). it hasn't been said that the children will be expected to go but all of the children i know that are attending will be going. the babysitter will look after them all in a room of the hotel. children's ages range from 1 to 6/7 AFAIK. i dont know how many children exactly as there are alot of guests attending.

my first reaction was that i wouldn't be using the babysitter. i've never met her (wont have a chance to meet before the wedding as we dont live there), my children have never met her, i think she could end up looking after alot of children on her own (what happens in an emergency/if she needs to find a parent of one child?), and i think my youngest ds (just turned 3) would be quite unsettled if he woke up to find himself being looked after by a stranger.

am i being very precious? do people use this type of babysitter all the time?

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modigliani · 26/05/2012 19:27

I have used hotel babysitters many times, due to being an expat with no family around. Could you leave your children with family or friends instead of taking them to the wedding?

IAmBooybilee · 26/05/2012 20:20

no we will be away for 3 nights in total and my mum is coming with me to the wedding. she is the only person who could have them. it isn't a big issue. i'm happy to have the dcs with me throughout the evening. i was just wondering if i was being a bit too over protective on this issue. i'm usually quite laid back but for some reason i dont feel comfortable with this arrangement. this woman isn't a hotel staff member she is a babysitter that one of the guests has found who will come to the hotel for the evening.

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AdventuresWithVoles · 26/05/2012 20:25

I wouldn't have any trouble with it as long as I was called as soon as my child wanted me.

SarkyWench · 26/05/2012 20:54

My only concern would be the practicalities of settling multiple children that don't know each other in the same room. I'd want to know more about the layout and numbers.

But I'd have no problem with using a babysitter that I didn't know as long as they were clear that they should call you immediately if she wakes.

pickledparsnip · 26/05/2012 20:59

Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with that. I think I'm really laid back about most things, but don't like the idea of leaving my child with someone I don't know.

IAmBooybilee · 26/05/2012 22:16

thank you all. i'm still undecided. as i said it's not a big issue and it wont affect our day. my plan all along was to have the dcs with my throughout and just take them to my own hotel room when they were tired (i would go to bed aswell then obviously). pickled i think that (not knowing the babysitter) and the fact that there could be quite a lot of children is what is putting me off the idea. trying to settle upwards of 7 children of varying ages and needs after the excitement of a wedding all in the one room is my idea of hell but this woman could be a complete mary poppins for all i know.

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