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Would you go to this party.

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whitby80 · 24/05/2012 09:59

We have been invited to sil birthday party. Dh said I would need to arrange a sitter as no children are allowed. (His family will of course be at party)I said but that doesn't include the new baby. Will have an 8 week old by the time of the party. Dh said well not if breastfeeding. Obv I plan to breastfeed but I am seriously considering declining invite all together.

OP posts:
Moomoomie · 24/05/2012 10:02

Send dh on his own and you stay at home and look after the children.

lisad123 · 24/05/2012 10:02

Well as long as your allowed to take new baby I would go, breast feeding or not!

whitby80 · 24/05/2012 10:13

That's the bit that surprised me. Why should the mode of feeding make a difference at such a young age? Especially as the person babysitting has no experience of babies.

OP posts:
FannyFifer · 24/05/2012 10:15

Why does your husband say you need to arrange a sitter, can't he do it?
Would not bother going tbh.

SarkyWench · 24/05/2012 10:18

Do you want to go?
Surely that us all that matters here.

HugeFurryWishingStool · 24/05/2012 10:23

I wouldn't bother, certainly wouldn't want to leave an 8 week old newborn.
And what FannyFifer said, why is it your job to arrange a sitter?

whitby80 · 24/05/2012 10:47

Because normally we use family. So it would be in a better to position to ask one of my siblings.
I think probably whether I go will depend on how I feel nearer the time. I certainly won't be going though if newborn not welcome.

OP posts:
HugeFurryWishingStool · 24/05/2012 10:56

You might want a break for an evening though by the time baby is 8 weeks?

Depends how much fun you think you'd have at the party, if it was only for a couple of hours it might do you good.

SarkyWench · 24/05/2012 11:43

Go if you feel like it at the time.
Don't go if you don't.
Tell them that you hope to be there but it will deed on how thing are going with the baby.

You are over-thinking this :)

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