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Baby just born - What does a new mum need?????

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OvenReady · 16/05/2012 23:49


My best mate is due to have a baby (her third) at the beginning of June. We're throwing a baby shower for her in a couple of weeks and the best gift I can think of giving her is me! Well, rather, a book of 'vouchers' of jobs and chores etc that she can assign to me or other friends to help her out.

When I had my baby son the housework didn't get done, I struggled to cook and the iron gathered dust. My friend will have three children to look after so she'll have her hands really full. I need some ideas for vouchers...

What 'chores' etc would you like someone to do whilst you are looking after your new baby? A few ideas I had: 30 minutes of ironing, cook a meal for the freezer, babysit for free, take the laundry and bring it back all done, hoover through the whole house, 'pamper' session (all the girls come round and apply foot lotions, nail varnish etc)..

I need some more ideas so I can make her a book of vouchers which she can give people to claim a 'chore' so she can rest. Ideas please!


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littleoldme · 17/05/2012 00:21

I think a book of vouchers is a lovely idea. The best things I had were a packed lunch delivered by a friend when DS was on a massive feeding frenzy and wouldn't be put down and my wonderful MIL cleaning the house - twice ! I think your idea is fab x

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